Monday, August 15, 2011

You Can't Believe For Others

One of my biggest frustrations was when praying for family and friends, so wanting them to be prayer partners or just believers in Christ. I am the only one in my family who believes in Christ, prays in tongues, and has spiritual gifts, recognizing that the fruit of the spirit is how to discern fellow believers. Actually, I am maverick Christian. I do not "follow" the political tenets of evangelical Christianity, adhering to every wind and doctrine that "the group" listens to and abides in. I am guided by prayer and the inner witness. In any case, I have learned to "wait on the Lord" with regard to family and friends and be lead of His Spirit, using wisdom, knowing when to "open my mouth" or be silent, and especially knowing it's not my work that counts, it's His and He has a time for everything. My time is inconsequential and immaterial. Norman McClean demonstrates this beautifully in his work A River Runs Through It made into a film of the same title directed by Robert Redford. The film always makes me cry at the end...for the family, my family and the poignancy of love. All we can do is love our families, pray for them and wait on the Lord to do the rest.

Hence, the poem below. We can never judge or imagine how someone will come to Christ. Indeed, we may be surprised to learn who is with Him after they passed. In the last, the thief on the cross believed...and he was a thief. In that instance, belief spoke louder than his previous actions.

                           You Can't Believe For Others

You can't believe for others if in Christ they're not ordained.
The lesson's hard the lesson's true, but it will keep you sane..
The faith that God drops in your heart is sacrificed with pain,
Because the joy that follows fast will bring the latter rain.

The paradox of life's extremes is only balanced when,
You se beyond your shallow dreams to understand God's plan.
Ordained your footsteps, actions ordained the Truth will be revealed.
You need to know Satan personally before the Lord's revealed..

To see your prayers come to pass words you once spoke were death,
You must fight God with all you strength to abide in His Life's breath.
To be a righteous holy one you have to pay Law's debts.
You have to be a pharisee before you'll be Christ's strength.

Now if your sight is inbetween then what you need to do
Is move to one or the other extreme then balance will come to you.
The men whose limbs do stride the fence are paralyzed can't move. 
The violent ones who know life's done begin new life in Truth.

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