Friday, August 19, 2011

God's Will Never Done

After a revelatory experience and need to return to my roots in Faith, I followed a circuitous route and ended up attending a number of churches birthed on LI from one ministry. If the root is noxious, then the branches are as well. I didn't know that at the time regarding the root of this ministry which is still operating on LI. That story is for another day. Suffice to say my eyes were opened spiritually, not because of the church or the ministry, but because I was seeking the Lord daily in prayer and truth. Actually, being in the church and singing in the choir became frustrating because of what I intuited happening behind the scenes. After a process of two years, I discovered I was right. The minister's will more than the Lord's was being done. The minister of the church that Jessica Hahn went to in Massapequa, NY was connected with Jessica Hahn in more ways than one. We'll leave it at that, though their connection is now public knowledge and a matter of record. And of course, he was and is married. Whether or not they completely conspired to bring down Jim Bakker maybe will never be known. Only God knows. In any case, this sonnet was written 4/28/87. Think Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and PTL scandal and the minister of the church Jessica Hahn went to. (Hahn and the Pastor are still friendly, by the way. Old relationships never die; only old generals fade away.) Jim Bakker is thriving and well, thank God. I do believe he was set up and the media, anxious to tar and feather a preacher, was willingly, yet stupidly duped. Sometimes, I think the wrong preacher was tarred and feathered. The sonnet is NOT about Jim Bakker. It is about those (including ministers) who were judgmental and jealous of Bakker, contributed to his downfall and may have been happy that he was "tarred, feathered and run out of his ministry."

Perhaps you were appointed for crass deeds
To bring His purification of His sons.
Perhaps corruption is the fallen seed,
You do prefer lest God's will would be done.
And ignorance your lot and portion great,
And pride and evil's kingdom what you'd build
To reassure yourself your earthen state
Is what your worshipped idoled self does will.
And maybe satisfaction, joy and grace
Are shams instead of Word becoming Life.
Perhaps you do prefer a Death Mask face
Then supernatural justice, power, might.
Oh Father! Where' the fault within this kind?
My child, these say, "My will be done, not Thine."

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