Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is True?

This was written in 1988 after the Tammy Faye, Jim Bakker, Jerry Falwell episodes had driven PTL toward bankruptcy and had upended Pat Robertson's proposed candidacy for President. By then I had stopped attending the church (I began attendance in 1984.) that had spawned Jessica Hahn.  (The Full Gospel Tabernacle in Massapequa, NY). Evangelical Christianity was perhaps earning its just rewards; the pure at heart were being shaken to the core. The corrupt at heart were being put in a centrifuge, rending out all the waste, chaf and excess fat until nothing was left and there was barely enough for the vulture press to feed on. It was a great day for Grace and Truth to shine, if anyone had eyes to see and knew WHERE to look.

                    Pimps of Christ

Oh Father, show me all Your secret truths.
Your plan, Your will. Unravel all Your Life
In me, and strengthen me, lead me unto,
Those heavens* purified by chastened might.
Why did my life you people with male whores
And pimps of Christ those pastors lost and shorn?
Upon what lethal seas, foam filthy shores
Would you walk me, in wholeness, peace adorned?
Have I been placed on lee on vale and hill
Of Earth to vainly purpose actions void?
Or have you fated me to churn and spill
The stones of Christ You melt to gold alloys?
My Father in Your Glory weld me to
Your Love, the Light the future holds in You!

*people who purely live their faith demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit (the kind that sacrificed their lives so that Jews might live during the Holocaust...Corrie Ten Boom)  Corrie Ten Boom Museum

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