Friday, September 30, 2011


During my days at a church in Massapequa, headed by a pastor who was infamously connected to Jessica Hahn, I was spiritually troubled by what I intuited was happening. Though I lacked the specific facts, I had two spiritual dreams which infused my sensibilities and furthered my understanding about what was going on behind the scenes there, though I lacked details and information that no one, AND I MEAN NO ONE IN THAT MINISTRY was going to share because lies and secrecy were its foundation and paranoia was its MO. By the way, this is the opposite of what a ministry should be, regardless of the individuals i.e. Jessica Hahn who use it for their own advantage.

At some point, I will reveal the telling dreams. In any case visiting speakers came and went, some of them involved in their own scandalous behavior. Others, like Pastor Goforth were quite innocent. However, I sensed that many of these men, including the pastor of the church were pharisees, standing in judgment over the congregation, though they themselves were rife with carnality and hypocrisy against the Word of God. After all, if one is NOT carnal, they why would they hook up with the likes of Jessica Hahn, who later was publicly exposed for her less than virginal behavior in The New York Post (1987-88) and other magazines and papers, including a piece by Sarah Rymer in a national magazine where Rymer claimed that Hahn had duped her. Duh!

This sonnet was inspired by my experiences at this church with those who spoke or preached there. I am waiting for God's deliverance of them; see the last two lines. I believe it will come and the Lord will show me when it does. (So, call me crazy. ;-) )

For pharisees, the greatest hope does lie
To have revealed the Kindgoms of our Lord.
Who best but they, self-righteous in their sty,
Can least believe the gifts God's grace affords.
And so, accusers of the Lord they be,
And blaspheme He's revealed in meek and mild.
They know, self-righteous, that this cannot be
In some so lowly or in some so wild.
They see reflected in their fellow man*
A beast of nature, small and dark and dim.
Convinced they are in lies of their own sham,
They point the finger out, what is within.
To them may God reveal His greatest grace,
To transform Satan to Christ's shining face.

*man - I am fully aware of the connotations here. Sorry, I have to work out the rhymes to make them OBVIOUSLY female inclusive. Forgive the paternalistically charged word. I mean male and female.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


If sin is separation from our God,
Self-hate then rules supreme in people's hearts.
Unworthiness and loathing are the rod
Which beats these sick ones, splits their souls apart.
Divided, selves are broken dreams, are death.
Not knowing like reflections they would see,
If they knew Him, they'd be His Holy Breath
And speak those things that're not, as though they'd be.
Self-hate breeds doubt, breeds fear, breeds guilt, breeds pain.
These crippled think they're worthless. Valueless!
Christ's revelation, Glory's golden train
Transforms seekers to Christ in His greatness.
Our Lord ordains for some this golden plan.
For others, mirey clay and fallow land.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Witches of Evil

The evil witch is dead. I witnessed it.
Those evil ones who'd try to murder me,
Transformed to life and freedom. God submits
Them to His Son for all eternity.
Rebellious they would not submit to Him.
Though He knows what to shape for all of us.
Their minds would try to rise up their own whims
Reject God's counsel, love, and peace and trust.
But watchmen of the House of Isreal,
The Lord appoints to run with faith the race.
Lay down their lives as lambs. Their blood they spill
In sacrifice: change witches to Christ's face.
Such watchmen, me and you the Lord does guide,
To lead those former witches to His side.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obedience Through Christ (adaptation from original written in 1987)

Oh Lord, obedience is all you ask.
Submit ourselves as living sacrifice;
Then we would be as lambs to do your tasks.
Shed Your Glory forth to shine Your Light.
How does Your powerful Light reflect through us?
We do Thy will; we do Thy way, Thy truth.
We daily die, by faith to in You trust.
Our flesh is crucified, ego refused.
We look the fool compared with the elites.
We uphold truth in hope on journey's way.
Destroy our pride; appear as in retreat.
But then He comes, in triumph. Hell's power's stayed.
How is this Light revealed? Reproach was made.
Through Christ, the resurrection we are saved.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Faithfulness, Protection, Peace (written 8/5/87 - revised 9/19/2011)

The Godly lambs must always faithful be;
Receive His promised love's inheritance.
When evildoers try to cut Christ's tree,
He does protect and give His recompense,
For violating those He loves, adores:
Removes His strength. We see how His grace flows,
Upon all flesh, unto Earth's very core.
Through Nature's majesty His lifeblood shows.
And everyone upon this earth beholds
The Spirit's vibrant other-worldliness,
And those whose pretense wallows in the shoals
Of exploitation and vulture excess,
Discover how they've lost the comfort of
The peace and Holy unction of God's love.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Proclaim yes, Lord. 8/5/87

Proclaim yes, Lord, I do receive Your Truth,
In consecration, I give all to You.
Though others look and see one so uncouth,
He's sees His sacrifice, forgiveness, too.
No matter what their eyes would look to blink
Portray as hideous, judge and despise,
No matter if they drag you 'til you sink,
Into a cruel abyss to make you die,
Then speak false words of friendship, masking hate,
The Lord protects. He lifts sins' blinding curse.
His Love leads you to joy and peaceful states.
Destroys the enemies who'd bring Death's hearse.
I speak His words to comfort darkened minds.
Reveal His love and peace so chains unwind.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Love That God Bestows 8/5/87

The Love that God bestows on all his lambs
Is powerful. Nothing can defer from it.
Though evil tries to steal from the I Am,
It can't seduce for in His power we sit.
He has prepared us for all Godly works
Of faith and joy and peace and righteousness.
And though we're hidden, danger always lurks,
But in His shadow we find peace and rest.
Discerning power He gives so we may see
The snakes who smile and smile with evil hearts.
His spiritual vision shows unfruitful trees*
The falsely lightened souls who from Him part.
I know by faith I'm Christ's forever more.
A door to Godly sights where eagles soar.

*unfruitful trees: Christ says you shall know them by their spiritual fruits: love, joy, peace, patience, etc. There are 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit. If a follower is unfruitful, he/she is carnal and not growing in Christ's love. The follower needs to submit completely to God.

I've Seen Your Greatness, Lord (8/5/87)

I've seen your greatness, Lord, Your covering,
Which heals those in a filthy, mired bed.
I've seen the patience that Your Love does bring,
To inside out spin peace from dire dread.
Your work of Grace and Love so great it is,
To transform whores*, self-righteous and unclean.
You make them Living stones** with Holy kiss
And call forth Light and love from gifts unseen.
The dreams You give reveal your healing power
To cleanse the soul of filth and pestilence.
You burn the waste with holy, sacred fire,
Then seal completion. Judgment's recompensed.
And thus you did create with Godly seal
This vessel, Christ's perfection true and real.

*whores: carnal Christians who are not devout nor spiritual, but who live a defeated, rollercoaster life, walking  by sight, not by God's faith or power.

**Living stones:  Spiritual Christians who walk by faith and live by God's power and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  (During the Day of Pentecost-tongues of fire alighted on believers and they were anointed with God's power and the Gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Persecution Trials

When called a witch, the Spirit in me flowed,
Vibrated fiery flame and blue hot might.
To see how Hell would on His Lamb bestow
A disobedience, pretend it's right.
How strange when others would then call you names.
The Hell in them they seek to spill on you,
With forked tongue the snake would play his games,
Seduce the Chosen; lie and say it's truth.
His lamb is holy ground. Death has no place,
In us, nor hate, nor fear, nor doubt, nor lies.
God's love makes whole and heals with fullest grace,
The lambs the worldly folks hate and despise.
Oh mercy Lord on those who name call you.
Open their eyes to see your Spiritual truths.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Liar's Viewpoint 4/6/87

Oh hear! Oh see! Let Christians see "God's" church.
How hateful, whorish, her adulterous acts!
How low of self-esteem is her Christ worth!
Now, I'll expose her with my "truthful" facts.
Raped I was, then dumped, left in the streets.
I had no part of intercourse with her.
Apology none for cruel, hateful feats.
Abandoned, with no glory like a cur.
I'll make her pay. Avenge with blood. Gain fame.
I'll then disclaim my culpability.
A wolf clothed white, I'll hide, use Jesus' Name,
Only discerned with spiritual eyes that see.
Oh Lucifer, seducer, you're unmasked!
For Christ reveals your lies to those who ask!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Whorish Acts: Babylon's Church

I wrote this after discovering that the revelations of Jessica Hahn against Jim Bakker during the 1987 press debacle were tainted with her past behaviors that indicated she was no innocent as she and the press conveniently painted her to be.

Did you accept with love or hate the Lord?
Does justice's retribution sync toward fame?
Were you complicit, actions gross, untoward,
Abusing those who're born in Jesus Name?
What made you to in anger punish Jim,
To get expenses for your "pain and grief?"
Or was it lying tongue engorged in sin,
Brought judgment's sword on him for your relief?
Forgiveness does forgive and it repents
Of hate-filled acts. Forgive? You do believe! 
Destroy the blood of Christ of those who're sent?
You harm the Bride, the church, branch of His Tree.
When we forgive our brother, Grace does come.
Light fills our soul when we embrace God's Son.

Friday, September 9, 2011

False Spiritual Churches: Mystery Babylon (4/7/87)

Again, this was written during the spring of 1987, when the media was exposing church scandals and preachers unable to "live up" to the high standards of Christians, an irony. Of course, Christianity doesn't proclaim living up to pure standards; it acknowledges that the more we try, the more we fall and fail and the more we need redemption through Christ's blood to heal (salvation) and be cleansed of ways that are utterly harmful to our minds and souls.

I see two churches forming in the ranks.
One black, one white, one false, one True, Christ's Bride.
One looks so beautiful and gives God thanks.
One's powerful in influence far and wide.
One can't discern them both in temporal realm.
In Spirit one must measure, sound their being
Most cruel and pornographic, devil helmed,
The false. The True shines Light, His Lamp for seeing.
Distinguish through Spiritual gifts the Babylon Church
That's killed in "Jesus Name" and raged its wars.
That's masked itself as "Christian," though occult
Seduced, betrayed true Christians, God besmirched.
Of which do you belong? Accuse the Lord?
Or hope to understand His blood, His Word?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Victory of Spiritual Life 4/3/1987

It's victory of Spiritual Life force flow,
Through cities*** I do claim for Christ the Lord.
And lands so wasted once by Hell's state, Rome,
I claim be green, sprout seedlings of His Word.
Abundant fruit filled life be manifest.
God's gardens grow to ever-present state.
He tastes His fare and shares with lambs who're pressed,
Then they overthrow all kingdoms built on hate.
Christ always lights His flames to torch the skies*,
So earth** below will cleansed and hopeful be.
He always does remove what He decries
So chosen children's eyes begin to see.
Oh, work Your Will my Father. Show this lamb
What is ordained in me of Your great plan.

*skies: metaphoric of mental states
**earth: ego reality
***cities:  people networks

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Christ's Might (4/3)

This was written during the time of the Jim Bakker (1987) scandal which had great ramifications on the church I had been attending because the church pastor Gene Profeta had been complicit with Jessica Hahn to "cover her back" in her attempt to solicit hush money from Bakker. I had been told "through the grapevine" that Hahn had kept motel receipts proving that the pastor had been with her; they had had an affair. She intended to go public with the receipts proving their affair (Many suspected this, but exposure would have hurt those faithful to that church.) unless he stood by her which he of course did. This was revealed by Richard Dortch (on the board of PTL at the time) who said that Profeta threatened them to give Hahn the money. At the point of this writing, I had no information; I discovered much later during the summer and into the fall.

My Father placed His spiritual might on me.
For mighty is my calling in His name.
As chosen, birthed, His seed of His True Tree,
To speak His word in Light, His Truth proclaim.
To those who'd make me nothing in this life,
Don't see the fiery star that burns inside,
This temple, Holy visioned, Christ's true wife,
With universal power, His holy bride.
I'm bone of His. I'm flesh of the I am.
My temporal self consumed by Living Light
Of Christ. One in His flock of sacred lambs,
Who with Him sit and rule and reign and fight.
His understanding, knowledge fires my mind,
To seek with patient love those of my kind.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Vision Come to Pass

Beside the pool two lovers exchanged vows
As rivers flowed with crystal sunbeam's dance.
They spoke with words unheard, sweet, soft, profound,
That they, as One, would mankind's* world enhance.
And then, they vanished. This vision marked in Time
Appeared in other forms throughout the age:
At times a song, a flower sketched in rhymes,
A whirlwind's wave, salt seas, red clouds, stark rage.
But when love's fruit did ripen off One Tree
Whose heavenly branches sky winds shook and shamed,
Some branches broke to plummet full and free,
And yielded fruitful love by Christ ordained.
Love's vision came to pass from vows exchanged,
Two lives in Christ made One: their love, Christ's flame!

*mankind: also includes womankind. Sorry purists...I am not being chauvinistic...problem with  syllables. At some point I will be improve my poetic skills to accommodate.

Friday, September 2, 2011

As Always, I Pray Peace

As always, I pray Peace and Joy for you.
For gone are lies proclaiming Darkened states.
In Him, the Lord, we're One. We're Love. We're Truth.
Delivered from self-condemnation's hate.
You can't destroy your life. For what's to do?
Lie to yourself? Damnation's not to be!
The Lord made you to see and know the Truth.
The Truth is freedom's life eternally.
And so rejoice when fiery trials appear.
The Glory of His might will be revealed.
No singe, no burns, no torment should you fear.
You can withstand. By Faith in Him you're sealed.
Maintain your promise Faithful to the Lord.
Just praise Him that you manifest His Word.

Overcome Self-Hate With Joy (8/7/87)

Oh friends! Be not discouraged by the Lord.
For all's of Him, in Him. For all's ordained
To show the Glory of the Living Word,
To show the Might and power in Him you've gained.
Your bitterness would steal His Joy from you.
For we're the joyful gift the Lord has given.
If you rent us pain's torment will ensue;
Betrayed yourself, drawn in by false, cold sin.
Our Father always tries our works in fire.
Our works show Faith. Our works show righteousness.
He wants His mighty son in you to aspire
To fly above black clouds and Hell's duress.
For only in the Spirit's Joyful state
Do we overcome the realm of cruel self-hate.

Spiritual Fruit

The Living Word's so precious to my soul.
He does renew my mind in Truth and light.
He lifts me up from peoples' Hellish molds
To stand, oppose all Darkness and Death's blight.
Appointed to responsibility
To bring the Light, in Peace beyond compare.
He's grounded, rooted firm, a cedar tree
That shows its fruit of Love with fragrance fair.
And those who'd take the fruit and use it for
A work of Death's carnality and strife,
Cannot exalt themselves, in glory soar.
Instead, in mirey clay will lose His Life.
Oh Father! Praise you! You are at my healm.
You keep me lifted up in Spiritual realms.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Preserve me Lord

Preserve me Lord! Oh keep my soul in peace,
For some would try to steal the joy of You,
Dray down the love. The victory defeat
Of what You made in me which loves Your truth.
But you have placed Your nature deep within
Me to obtain Your crowns of righteousness.
No knowledge can surpass when knowing sin,
You cleanse with Grace and peace and happiness.
Oh Father, do I bask in Your sweet sun.
I know no flesh can make me feel Your warmth.
Oh Father, I do joy that I have won
Your unconditional love which saves from harm.
No part of me is separate from Your love.
I'm whole. I'm one with You, the Holy Dove.