Friday, August 19, 2011

Hypocrites Playing Church

In 1987 the evangelical church underwent a cataclysm from which it never recovered. It was the Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker debacle and Jerry Falwell, someone who was not an evangelical Christian sought a way to destroy someone he despised. Bakker allowed him to succeed and the Christian community suffered. At the time I was attending a church whose pastor was carnal, conflicted and unregenerate, but who was lost in this "preaching business" without a "way out."  The problem was he had lost his first love and had been misdirected by foul birds of the air (evil spirits) and other manifestations by not really seeking The Lord for a revelation. Without a vision people surely perish in carnality. This is dedicated to him and his followers, some of whom couldn't discern properly after The Spirit.

 Oh Lord, I see the maggots playing church,
Dressed for the funeral they dance, parade
Around the carcasses and dead flesh birds,
Whilst miming worship, steeped in bondage. Jades!
Oh so convinced are they of their great state,
Persuaded that their works have brought rewards,
Proclaiming knowledge that they're Heaven's gates
They preach like they have power in Christ's word.
Beyond the falseness, darkness of their dance,
Christ's Truth does Light my sight to see their games,
Swept up the public, charmed in their cruel trance,
They've alchemized the fake through "Jesus'  Name!"
The Word discerns these maggot preacher men.
In flames Truth's immolation brings their end.

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