Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deny Christ's Love in Others? Discern After the Spirit.

One of the most humblest actions a church official can take is to acknowledge God's miracle of love in someone who was not birthed in Christ in that congregation. Pastors can become jealous over their flocks and can not be receptive to strangers, especially if they are not able to discern after the Spirit, a skill that must be honed after fasting, prayer and walking strictly by faith and guidance through God's word and the Word renewed inner voice. Off on any of these elements? Then discerning after the Spirit can not only be difficult but filled with error; good becomes bad, right becomes wrong, up becomes down, a wise man becomes a fool, and a liar and thief is trusted. In other words, one cannot tell a sheep from a wolf in sheep's clothing. Because people trusted their sight more than the inner Spirit, I often confused them because I did not "look the part" of the spiritual person. And that was the point. If one trusts one's sight "in the natural" he/she misses what the Lord is doing "after the Spirit."

The love you see in me you can't control.
It makes you act beyond your normal sense.
At times confusion in your mind takes hold,
And moves you round and knocks you off your fence.
Well, maybe Christ in me affects the way
Toward me you feel, and act,  and move, and think.
And maybe divine love is here to stay,
To push you toward that double dangerous brink.
And maybe what you prayed for me one night,
Is really prayer for you that I send back,
So He'll transform us both in glory's Light
And pin all Darkness' power on torment's rack.
Acknowledge Christ's love lives in me, a song.
Deny it? Face cruel Satan and his throng!

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