Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tremendous Joy

Tremendous joy does pulsate through my soul.
Christ's Light does flourish in this universe.
The stars of beauty burn Hell's mirey cold,
And Death lays dead in depth of black, cold hearse.
Exalted is the Bride to see the Son,
Her husband who has vindicated her,
Above the likes of prostitutes, whoresons,
Who'd show as filth the Lord and His true church.
The whoredoms, harlots, Jezebels and pimps,
Impure, unwhole, unfruitful and undone
Have lost all riches, mansions, money mints,
And lay like rotted, stench filled, desert dung.
Christ's purity of Truth has vanquished these.
And healed their souls' blindness and disease.

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