Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Father Did Assure Me

My Father did assure me as His son*
That righteousness and purity are mine.
He's me in faith, for we've become as one,
One bone, one flesh, one mind, one Christ, like-kind.
I know He shares His truth in fellowship
For wife and friend am I, so He reveals,
His plans for future glories to equip
His chosen sons which He in Christ would seal.
To work His prism Light, then Love-fire burns
The lies, hypocrisies of dragon** youths,
Exposing filthy waters, He up churns
Their filth unclean so children see His Truth.
So harlots*** be prepared for chastisement.
And be destroyed. Find Christ. To you he's sent!

*son:  all those who have been redeemed by the blood and baptized in the water and in the Spirit are first- fruit (the first harvest) sons to the Lord, brothers/sisters in Christ. The word is inclusive of women as well and not meant to be paternalistic.

**dragon: one of the many facets of evil---doubt filled, lacking faith in Christ

***pastors, etc.:  those who preach Christ but who do not really immerse themselves by Faith and Christ's love...daily. They are unfaithful to the Lord, embracing practices which are contrary to Christ's love.

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