Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Requited Love, the Message of Christmas

Replicas of Lower Manhattan, One World Trade Center, the Oculus, the Woolworth Building, and the Statue of Liberty, Palms of the World Gallery and Reflecting Pool, NY Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2018 (Carole Di Tosti)
It doesn't matter whether you say Merry Christmas or don't. The Christmas message is clear and it's for everyone, regardless of your religion and especially for those who profess Christianity but hypocritically deny CHRIST'S POWER to overcome fear, guilt, hate and sorrow. The message is Christ's love and forgiveness. So confess your pains and torments and guilt and shame to someone who cares for you, even if it's just yourself. And allow the perfection of Christ's Love to heal you and bring you peace this season and always..

You'll never feel the sting of shame or hate,
You'll walk in comfort and in love's sweet peace,
The Christmas message overcomes your fate
Extends your body's health and yearly lease.
The problem lies when troubles snare our mind
And doubts take charge and snuff the light of Christ
Then lower us to darkness and the grind
Of pain that nullifies His sacrifice.
The cross is empty. All His work is done.
So why allow depression and despair
To break our hearts and never overcome
The knowledge that our lives He did repair?
With Love, forgiveness, hope His message's clear
That Christmas reigns from year to year to year.