Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Requited Love, the Message of Christmas

Replicas of Lower Manhattan, One World Trade Center, the Oculus, the Woolworth Building, and the Statue of Liberty, Palms of the World Gallery and Reflecting Pool, NY Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show 2018 (Carole Di Tosti)
It doesn't matter whether you say Merry Christmas or don't. The Christmas message is clear and it's for everyone, regardless of your religion and especially for those who profess Christianity but hypocritically deny CHRIST'S POWER to overcome fear, guilt, hate and sorrow. The message is Christ's love and forgiveness. So confess your pains and torments and guilt and shame to someone who cares for you, even if it's just yourself. And allow the perfection of Christ's Love to heal you and bring you peace this season and always..

You'll never feel the sting of shame or hate,
You'll walk in comfort and in love's sweet peace,
The Christmas message overcomes your fate
Extends your body's health and yearly lease.
The problem lies when troubles snare our mind
And doubts take charge and snuff the light of Christ
Then lower us to darkness and the grind
Of pain that nullifies His sacrifice.
The cross is empty. All His work is done.
So why allow depression and despair
To break our hearts and never overcome
The knowledge that our lives He did repair?
With Love, forgiveness, hope His message's clear
That Christmas reigns from year to year to year.

Friday, January 5, 2018

The Golden Calf and Mammon: The Lust of the Eye, The Lust of the Flesh, The Pride of Life

Moses and Joseph Bowing Before the Ark, after the Israelites' folly (painting by James Tissot, courtesy of the site)
When Moses left the Israelites with Aaron to converse with God on Mount Sinai, their faith fled. Many grumbled and complained against Moses and the God who delivered them from Pharaoh's soldiers by parting the Red Sea in a fabulous miracle. They had forgotten how the Angel of Death destroyed the first born in Egypt (including their livestock) an unheard of example of His supernatural power that not even the magicians of Egypt could duplicate. Only God has the power of life and death.

Waiting for Moses to return from Mt. Sinai, the Israelites felt abandoned. They pooled their gold, had crafted a golden calf, a tangible idol that they said was God that they could see for the purpose of worship. Meanwhile, God had just given Moses the ten commandments. Knowing the Israelites defiled themselves by substituting an inanimate object for Himself, He told Moses he would wipe the tribes out. Moses, who interceded for the Israelites, convinced God to spare them. However, Moses regretted his intercession when he saw the Israelites cavorting and reveling before the golden calf. His ire was so great, he broke the commandments, destroyed the calf, ground it into powder which he threw into water and made the Israelites drink. Then, he had the Levites, who pledged allegiance to God, slaughter 3000 men that day as a sacrifice to expiate their corruption. (The movie version of the Ten Commandments is different from the King James version of the Bible.) The Qur'an version shows a more merciful God.
The Lust of the Eye (courtesy of the site)
The scenes of Exodus foreshadow Moses as a type of Christ. Moses emerges as a compassionate negotiator for the souls of the Israelites. On the other hand, his anger against them for turning their back on God and preferring a material object they could see and touch as God, results in death. Moses' anger was a key fault that prevented him from entering into the Promised Land. Nevertheless, the symbolism of the calf is clear. God calls upon his adherents to worship by faith. By obeying Moses, God's representative, they would thrive; if they were stiff-necked, rebellious, disobedient, their lack of faith would cause their downfall. Moses' word and relationship with God was perfect. But he was an imperfect human being. Moses' anger against the Isrealites' doubt and rebelliousness on other occasions, was a flaw he could not overcome.
The Worship of Mammon by Evelyn De Morgan (courtesy of the site)
The most difficult experience for the Isrealites was having to trust Moses and live in the grace of God's miracles of remembrance. Materialistic, carnal, untrusting in their minds, their faith in God and Moses weakened, dimmed and died. The same abides for us today. When Christ said, "Blessed are they who believe and do not see," he was identifying the greatness of faith that depends not on the five senses, or the material realm or the physical world. Spiritual faith that is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT SEEN is life fulfilling. It must be sought daily in the Word of God. The, the message-tie-in is clear. Worshiping, treasuring, material objects and the material realm bring misery, torment, unhappiness. And these emotions lead to self-destruction. Cupidity is a terrorist of the soul along with the lust of the eyes, the pride of life and the hungers of obsessive passion for people or things. Money, treasure, obsession never satisfies. Only spiritual wisdom brings peace and makes us whole.

The Lust of the Eye, The Lust of the Flesh, The Pride of Life

The pride of life Christ warns brings fear and doubt
Dispels one's trust in God and Holy things
And drains one's hope, creates a spiritual drought
Kills expectations that God's blessing brings.

Renewal, wholeness, peace, the majesty
To seal one's purpose, vibrant light and life
Can ne'er be ransomed from cupidity.
And covetous lust does darken Christ's pure Light..

Those who are blind and deaf and dumb to God
His mighty acts unseen in dark-bloat lives,
Do manifest the lust of flesh and trod,
The seeds of Faith and Truth. His love denied.

Oh Lord. bestow your mercy. Rent the veil
That cloaks such souls in darkness; Let Love prevail.


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Prayer Against The Spirit of Hypocrisy

Click link: Research conducted by Barna; image courtesy of the site article
All of us are hypocrites, especially after reviewing our unfulfilled New Year's resolutions for the previous year. Well, it's the beginning of 2018. There is always hope to reverse, to correct, to grow, to evolve away from addictive behaviors: self-hatred, unforgiveness, anger, pride, impatience, unkindness, ignorance, self-importance. And you thought I was going to rattle off addictions like overeating, alcoholism, over-the-counter drug dependence, heroin addiction? No. Those are just the results of the first set of soul problems.

I hear some have made their 2018 resolution to be become kinder, gentler persons. Admirable. How is one kind to someone who abuses and bullies you and sees your "kindness" as a weakness? Christ said "turn the other cheek." In other words, tell the individual, "If it will make you feel better, slap me on this other cheek as well, even harder this time; all so you can feel better and stop your obvious misery. Your emotional needs are more important than mine." But of course, one must say it with the power, truth, sincerity and conviction with which Christ spoke; that is with the anointing of the Living God. Ah, well. There's the rub.

The present day political leaders and leaders of evangelical Christianity, (you know who they are) remain far from this conviction to offer up to their enemies their other "cheek" (ego, if you will) to be slammed even harder the second time. Fear, unrighteousness, arrogance, emotional imbalance, all of the nihilistic impulses in the human soul forbid such a generous yielding up of one's power with strength and purpose. Just think of it. Would the current president "turn his cheek" to Hillary Clinton to receive a second slap from her? Would he ever publicly bow with humility to her to make her "feel better and stop her obvious misery?"

Click link: Research conducted by Barna; courtesy of the site article
The thought is absurd. The current president knows no humility, no conviction to serve others. He has no inner power to admit fault. With him all is his greatness and his overwhelming success, these mantras despite their abysmal error, despite his unpopularity, despite his self-dealing tax break which he misstated would cost him money and not be beneficial to him or billionaire donor friends. Lies, misstatements, hypocrisies have characterized his presidency from the moment he swore allegiance to a constitution he disdains and refuses to uphold (adhere to the emoluments clause, serve the people of the US, uphold the Bill of Rights and amendments, etc.). Hypocrisy is his portion as he squats on and defiles the chair of power which he is unfit to sit in to serve all Americans of every race, creed, color, economic level.

The sweeping hypocrisies of his avowal that he is a Christian and embraces Christianity are particularly egregious given his character, background and TV aired proclamations about women. One thing is certain. Surely, he loves money. His presidency has been enriching his bank accounts while he sticks his travel expenses, security, and 113 golfing outings at his own resorts to the American people ($77,000,000 to date). Luxurious living while there are children, elderly and families who are barely to make it to the next day and indeed, many do not? Beyond cruel and brutal. Nevertheless, what can they give this man who abides by quid pro quos. They are the invisible, the powerless, the politically de-citizenized. Surely, Republicans don't see them, hear them, speak of them. The scripture says the love of money is the root of all evil. Then what are we to say of those who enrich themselves on the backs of the un-mighty poor and middle class? That they are evil? God forbid.

(courtesy of Cameron Buettel, see article from site)
However, this is probably nearer the case. The Bible says "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." For literal Christians who take the Bible literally, I defy them to interpret that with symbolism. It is saying anyone rich, has an impossibly hard time to enter God's Kingdom or the Kingdom of the spirit or righteousness or the Kingdom of Loving thy neighbor as theyself. Thus, by their actions, not their words (Christ said this to his followers about the Pharisees and Scribes) do we know them; and by their fruits, what they produce. What the current crop of Republicans and their donors and their leader (not ours) have produced is straw, chaff, not wheat. It will be burned.

Those who are in the Kingdom of Heaven see after Spiritual things; they do not live by their egos. God reigns in their lives as their first love. Is it possible to believe that someone who violates God's second commandment (love thy neighbor) is behaving as one who puts God first? Money appears to be first in the president's life. Or else why would he have gone bankrupt four times? Why would he borrow billions, perhaps with his family almost 1 trillion dollars from an adversarial power, then cover it up and obfuscate by not showing his taxes which he said he would? 

Money is of paramount importance to him; hence the billions borrowed and covered up. He has enriched himself in the presidency pushing foreign leaders to stay in his hotels and Mar-a-lago. The tax breaks which will yield for him alone $15,000,000. Is this just a coincidence? No. He acts like he loves money, worships the Golden Calf and Mammon. It is one thing to admit, "I am about money at your expense. If some have to die to give me my money, so be it." However, the opposite is proclaimed; "the tax cut will not benefit him." Lies, hypocrisies! The arrogance of the lie and the hypocrisy shocks. But it is real. And this trend of lying shows no sign of abating, for the president shows no sign of remorse. He shows no recognition that lying and betraying the trust of the American people is wrong. He thinks lying to underlyings, officials, governments, respected, ethical citizens is all right. Demeaning them with his lies and hypocricies is fine. Treating them with such self-serving abuse is fine. Defrauding the American people is legal because he is the law. Since when is criminal, sociopathic behavior to defraud constitutional? Since when is such abuse of the 99% of the citizens loving? Since when does God advocate such abuse and call it loving? I thought God is love?

Worship of the Golden Calf: courtesy of artist Andrea di Lione, see website)
To not recognize such behavior for what it is when Christ tells us to discern after the spirit shows complicity. These behaviors must be called out. That Christian leaders do not call this behavior out indicates their poverty of spirit. Their silence brings into question their own steadfastness and integrity as Christians. Indeed, they appear to be worshiping man for the tax breaks he can give them or for political purposes. This is not like the early Christian church which had to meet in secret for their very power was a danger to the Roman empire. Present evangelical political leaders are complicit with wrongdoing and fraud and deceit if they do not speak out. That suggests God has been placed last. Where is the strength and power of a church which will stand against hypocrisy? Will they turn from their ways or fall into the ditch as blind leaders of the blind?

If man and womankind are made in God's image, is the president not looking at the kingdom of heaven or God when he sees Muslims or blacks or Hispanics, or colored people or the poor or average Americans? However, all are in the image of God and all are dear human beings that deserve equal treatment under the law. This is a fundamental right which our constitution upholds and which should be upheld as European democracies uphold it to attempt to create a social, cultural environment which is more economically equitable, sound and viable. The president and white, male millionaire/billionaire donors and Republican Christians have upheld they are to be served first at the table. The poor are not only not offered a place anywhere near it, they cannot even pick after the crumbs underneath it. They have been thrown into hell where various of the president's donors believe they belong.

Such alt-right donors believe the rich deserve the spoils of heaven. (where the Golden Calf is God) This obvious blasphemy was followed by the Puritans of Salem Witch Trial fame; they used decrying witches as a land grab to enrich themselves. They put the indigent in stocks; they were uncharitable to the poor; they believed if you were rich you made it into heaven, a direct contradiction of scripture (the poor beggar who was accepted into Abraham's bosom, as told by Christ). They persecuted the Quakers who were true Christians and who followed Christ's perfect law of love. The Salem witch trial Puritans melded religion and politics for their own greedy purposes. That vile pre-chapter of American history reveals how the melding of church and state is potentially dangerous. It is also against Christ's teachings: "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and what is God's God." Clearly, they are different kingdoms; there is a separation between the two in wisdom. One is the world, the other the Kingdom of Heaven. In this current melding of evangelical Christianity with politics, there is the abuse of power, the constitution and Christ's very tenets.

Follower of Hieronymus Bosch Christ driving the money-changers from the Temple (courtesy of the site)
Another hypocrisy is intolerance. He says he is a president of all the people and yet the optics reveal he is the president of only white wealthy men and donors to his PACs. Tolerance of diversity is a mandate of the president as constitutional leader. He has vacated this mandate that he historically deplores. He prefers white people, with millions of dollars and they happen predominately to be men. He does like rich or poor attractive, young, vulnerable, voiceless, powerless girls or women he can "move on like a bitch." What brand of Christianity is this? The bigoted, privileged, ego-filled Christianity? Surely, that is not Christ; that is not what Paul preached, it is not what the current Pope uplifts, it is not what was followed in Biblical chapters from Romans to Revelation. But the great and professed Christian in the White House has fashioned his brand of Christianity which so-called evangelical Christian leaders embrace. Thus, the hypocrites have profited. They have gained the world and lost their souls. Ultimately, they have no spiritual power; the blind lead the blind and they all fall in the ditch. It is only a matter of time.

Will they, can they be redeemed from their own spirit of hypocrisy in 2018? That is up to Christ. It is a mystery, for no one knows when He comes, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last "trump." And it is a spiritual mystery and different for each soul. It is possible, for "all things are possible with God." However, Christ coming is not a planetary event, a global event where some are physically taken up. That is a mistaken interpretation from a cultish philosophy. His coming to the soul of an individual is personal. And if it happens, the individual begins to turn from his hypocrisies, his arrogances, his old fleshly identity and see with new eyes, the eyes of the Spirit.

Such a revelation would be lovely for Republicans to receive; then they would join the family of mankind, womankind and show empathy to those who are in need: poor children, the elderly, the handicapped, the sick, those in inner cities facing exponentially growing economic inequality. Such a redemption would be lovely for the current president. For then he would empathize with the poor, the middle class, really out of his own compassion. And he would then have the strength of will and courage to come clean, tell the truth, be strong and not just posture strength which must be so exhausting he has to golf one-third of the first year of his presidency to cope with the stress of a dark, hypocrisy-bloated soul.

But the strength to be born of the Spirit and water has to come from God/Christ. No man/woman is capable of it, especially if they have been cowering in fear and hypocrisy all of their lives. Will events in 2018 prompt such remorse leading to redemption for Trump, the Republicans, the compromised Christian leaders? Again, it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. We can only hope it is God's will. The rest is silence.

                  The Spirit of Hypocrisy                         

Oh Lord, you reign in wisdom, love and grace.
Provide us strength when cares we place on you.
The meek, the poor, the patient see your face
Accept your powerful faith and live in Truth.

And those of Spiritual faith? They occupy,
Wait as you shine your brilliance, manifest
Your truth and facts, that hypocrites despise,
Call fake while soul torments bring their unrest.

To live a life unmired by self-hate,
To live with peace, good will toward all in love
Requires courage, righteousness and faith
That overtakes our souls through Christ's sweet dove.

Holy Spirit dethrown the Hypocrite
Cast down that spirit in power, as we resist.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Carrie Fisher: In Memoriam

Carrie Fisher at the NYFF to discuss Fisher Stevens' documentary Bright Lights about Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. (photo courtesy of the NYFF)
I saw Carrie Fisher on Broadway in Wishful Drinking and was impressed by her mental acuity and self-effacing humor. It is no small feat to look squarely at one's painful weaknesses, and with searing irony, cauterize bleeding soul wounds, then publicly feed oneself and others from the kernels of wisdom produced by the process.
Carrie Fisher's Broadway show Wishful Drinking (photo courtesy of the site)
Part of my surprise and admiration at Carrie Fisher's entertainment was how quickly she reverted to fun though no one would think slamming oneself could be much fun, even though fame, publicity and money were some of the side effects. Too honest, too "in-your-face," too bloody real to laugh at oneself. But Carrie laughed and made us laugh with her.
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia of Star Wars (photo courtesy of the film)
Nightly on Broadway and in her shows in LA, with light-saber humor, she slashed regrets and self-victimization with truth and grace. I and those around me with smiles on our faces just feasted. She punctured our every "Hollywoodland" balloon fantasy, and the ridiculous notions we harbored about Princess Leia and being a film icon. She offered herself up with a wide-armed embrace as our mentor as if proclaiming, "Yes, we have all experienced the shit storm and we can weather it without swallowing too much crap or dying of E. coli poisoning."
Carrie Fisher after Star Wars came out (photo from the site)
Carrie, you've moved from being Star Wars' two-dimensional princess to an infinitely dimensional Queen. I imagine your consciousness in free flight soaring and communing in health and wholeness thrilled that one element of your purpose on this planet has been fulfilled. R.I.P. We are the finer for having had your presence with us for a short time.

                                       Carrie Fisher

You sliced your pride with swords of truth and light
With honesty and grace so singular,
With soulful generosity to spite
Your perfect image; T'was overthrown! You stirred
Us to accept ourselves, love and forgive,
Because there's health if faults you learn to share
With others, so you're not afraid to live
And turn from ego darkness and despair.
The process moved you to a grander place
Within our hearts, and we did empathize
With all that you encountered and did face.
Truth burned the roots of all that you despised.
Remembered always Carrie you will be,
Your strength, your joy, your soul's dear majesty.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Heavenly Validation: Inspired by a Workshop With Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newell at Omega Institute

Dr. Eben Alexander. Photo courtesy of his website.
I read Proof of Heaven, Dr. Eben Alexander's  book about his N.D.E. (near death experience) a few years ago. Usually words come easily to me, but I find it difficult to describe the book's impact, except to say that its truths resonated and its life affirmations elucidating realms in the afterlife comforted me. It was a confirmation of my faith in God, the Spiritual realms of reality, Christ's unconditional love. If that doesn't work for you, then imagine feelings of intense relief and safety, warmth, love, joy and the sense that everything you thought might be good and true and positive, actually is.

Another way to relate it to you is imagine someone of great authority and wisdom comes to you, someone you trust. Imagine they look you in the eyes deeply and with all sincerity they say, "Hey. Everything is OK. All is well. Don't fear anything because ultimately, you are loved, love yourself. There are beautiful unseen forces around you which are holding you up and shepherding you to the next level in your growth spiral. Just because science cannot adequately explain what happens to consciousness, the soul/life cycle doesn't mean you, your being will end just because in materialism, physical bodies grow cold. There is much more to being and it is more incredible than you can possibly imagine."
Karen Newell of Sacred Acoustics. Photo from site.
You already know this. In fact, there have been glimpses of this eternity of infinite spirit throughout your entire life. If you stop to think about it, think about the strange coincidences, the weird happenings, the dreams or intuitions that came true, you will remember. There is something tugging at you. It is drawing you and letting you know...there's more to reality than what your 5 senses apprehend...there is much more and it's great.

So when I had the opportunity to take the workshop with Dr. Eben Alexander and Karen Newel of Sacred Acoustics (there are frequencies of sound that can facilitate your stepping past the veil of materialism) at Omega Institute in upstate NY, I jumped at the chance. This sonnet inspired by their work is something I started in the class and finished when I returned home.

                   Heavenly Validation

The pulsing flames of Light within soul life
Are solid waves of love, health and well being.
Consciousness sublime of pure insight,
Transforms with unconditional love and spiritual seeing.

The material world and all that it imbues
Its social trends, its values we obey,
Our belief in science, empiricism's views,
Occludes our inner sight, our soul, betrays.

The powerful spiritual realms can't be obtained
Through fleshly sight and fleshly ego's pride:
Material things pervert our thoughts and stain
The truth by misdirection's stately lies.

Eternity is real can be embraced,
Within our consciousness through love and grace.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Women's Right to Choose, Christ's Untrap Law of Love

This is a sonnet dedicated to all the women who have sacrificed their lives and died giving themselves an illegal abortion. They made a decision to choose to take possession of their souls and bodies regardless of the punishing culture's wicked laws denying them safe healthcare with a medical doctor. God truly has granted 10 commandments and Christ said all are encompassed in the first two commandments:

1)Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength (the joy of the Lord is your strength)
2)Love your neighbor as yourself.

God does NOT contravene His own word. Anyone who kills a doctor who gives an abortion or attempts to kill the doctor is contravening God's commandment to LOVE and forgive. That is murder. God does not condone murder because that is not loving. Such individuals cannot lie and say they are doing God's will. They are doing man's will. Pro-lifers are being used by conservatives to obtain power for the conservative wealthy. There is nothing Christian about such politically conservative arguments. In fact they go against God's scriptures and the conservatives have been blaspheming the Holy Spirit and lying on His word.

If a woman decides to abort, that is between her and God. She has free will and is an independent person. Exodus 21: 22-23.  The scripture makes it clear that a dependent life (fetus) is not the same as an independent life. If they were the same, all the women who do not carry their children to term, but who have lost their children through natural abortions (for example ectopic pregnancy), deserve to be tried for murdering their fetus. Either the woman and fetus are separate independent beings, or one is an independent being and one is a dependent being.  Exodus 21: 22-23 clearly indicates the fetus is dependent and the mother's life is independent of it. That is why according to that scripture, if a man causes a pregnant woman to miscarry and the child dies, he is fined, but only if the woman lives. If he causes her to miscarry and she dies with the fetus, then he is charged with murder.

Because you're born a woman you are trapped
Inside a female body. You're oppressed
By those who hate. Your power they would sap
To dominate what God has truly blessed.
The patriarchy spirit is a lie
That masquerades as truth, a fearful threat.
It harms and maims and kills those who would try
To overthrow its legion of regrets. 
Conservatives, mountebanks-quotidian whores,
These hypocrites use "Christian" politics.
In shadows they belie Christ is the door.
They practice not His love, but devilish tricks.
Women's souls are free, their choices, rights,
That Christ has granted with His sacrifice.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Soul of Alzheimer's

Photo courtesy of Science Alert

Fury braced the soul cannot take rest.
Bound in bitterness it does retreat
Within a world of woe and great distress
And sorrows which the mind cannot defeat.
And like a ship that crashed upon a reef
Wave battered, smashed and torn til nothing's left
The mind does lose its sanctity through grief.
What of health and wholeness? All's bereft.
While doctors search for answers chemical
And soberly discuss the neuron clumps
The soul's a ghost an empty shell, a hull,
Abyss-lost, disappeared, a black hole dump.
Oh God! Have mercy on this darkened state.
Dear God! Shine love and light upon this fate.