Saturday, August 27, 2011


 Prodigal pastors once knew God in the first estate and the first love. If they return, their latter walk with Christ will be greater than their former.

Eschew! I doubt your doubt for it is false.
A prophet you have been of Hell's Belial,
And now you're smote and smoked, though Christ did halt
Your shameful fate which you'd withstood a while.
And now you recognize the gift how great
God's Glory, Truth and Light does keep us free.
And how His dear, sweet Love has sealed your state,
To righteous Truth and Grace to in Him be.
Recall remembrance. Once in faith were strong.
Once did know His coming in your soul.
Once In freedom you did sing Christ's song,
Once His knowledge, wisdom, strength, your goal.
Return to Him! Proclaim His Will always.
Your former joy returns in Christ, the Day.

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