Friday, June 28, 2013

Justice, Rights, Freedoms: in the Name of God!

Edward Snowden has turned the world upside down. Or have the leaders turned ethics upside down? Is black -white , truth-a lie, heroism-betrayal? Who are the traitors and who are the heros? What are our rights anyway when you have no rights the moment you walk into your employer's building?

Who does one stand with if one's government has violated its own laws and then denies it? What do those who "spill the beans" so to speak have to gain? All is muddied water. Clarity is needed. But what if you are born in a time without being able to see truth, a time when ethics don't really hold much sway, when success, power and money are the God to worship? What do you do if those who profess to be looking out for and praying for humanity (Christians) are lost in the abyss following the blind?

Then they will all fall in the ditch. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Can you see the difference? Do you care? Here is my prayer.

Oh Christ, I cannot fathom all your ways,
When those parade your name and speak of peace
Yet war they bring for profit then betray
The ones who fight, who die, who pray surcease.
Oh do you listen to these war lords when
They pray increase to all their treasuries?
Oh do you grant them happiness, defend
Them from opponents and their enemies?
Those who uphold our freedoms and our rights
The tyrants see as chaff to be destroyed.
They call them traitors see them as a blight
On global plans elite groups have deployed.
Oh God of righteousness is justice slain?
Help us return to justice in Your Name.