Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Money Preachers

A number of pastors on LI preach the prosperity gospel. Its popular allure in the economic downturn, is a boon for the collection plate because to "get" from the Lord you have to "give" sacrificially to the pastor, God' representative. For those who are nearing the poverty level, oftentimes, multicultural populations, this may sound logical after hearing another derivative of the message, another iteration of the Biblical verse, Luke 6:38, "Give and it shall be given to you, pressed down shaken together shall men give unto your bosom."

 The New Testament, especially, is uplifting and overcoming. However, it's quite another bowl of sauerkraut to interpret most scripture as uplifting toward monetary riches. Well being is what the good news gospel is all about; it brings us through good times and bad. Men and women of wealth who have risen from one class to the next (Oprah, Gates, Buffet) were motivated not by riches but by a passion for the thing they loved doing. From my churchy experiences which I will share at some point, I found that pastors did not exhibit a love either for preaching, their sheep or the gospel "business." It was mostly a frustration. It should have been a blessing, despite the ups and downs which always do come for all, even for the entitled: i.e. the Queen of England, George Soros, the Rothchildes and Lloyd Blankfein.

                      Mad Money Pastors
When pastors preach prosperity "for" the Lord
When they cast down and prostitute His Word,
When they demand your payment to afford,
Materialistic lifestyles, showy lures,
When they would sell their body, soul and mind,
For cash and coin to vaunt their vision of
Their self, spectacular and so "refined,"
To "represent" the glory of Christ's love,
When they demand a luxurious life estate
And treasured artifacts then entertain
Whoresons and pimps who'd hang Christ on a stake
And maul His sheep without one thought of shame.
Such pastor Philistines do worship Baal.
Oh Christ! Your Light of Truth their souls impale!

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