Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Pearl

The pearl most precious formed in pain and toil
Is fragile, sweet in beauty, grace and love.
It's only worn by priests** and castes who are royal*
Because it represents God's had enough
Of spilling blood in righteousness and peace,
Sustaining hurts and miseries of death,
Of pouring out His wrath on purity
Of burning sacrifices to pay sin's debt.
Kings* and priests** strong seeds God planted when
He formed the spheres whirling out the end of time,
The only ones who're worthy that he sends
Can wear the pearl covering sublime.
For them Christ's love and faith beyond compare
Is formed in pain with blood so pure, so rare .

*kings: those who wear the spiritual crowns of Christ (i.e. Jesus' disciples)
**priests: spiritual holy men and women in Christ who walk by faith not by sight

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