Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Turning Point

 I was raised in the Baptist Church and knowing God's words in the Bible. I "accepted the Lord," at age 9. I always prayed. Did I understand what was being preached about God's love and sacrifice through Jesus' work on the cross? No. (I am still learning.) Through these years God was just "out there," and I was walking blindly unaware and afraid of my own shadow and inner hypocrisies. In college there were events that occurred which prompted a revelation: first that Satan existed and was real. I mean SATAN REALLY EXISTS. The conclusion? If Satan is real, then God is even more REAL and ALIVE and I had a choice. After the revelation, after the choice, I was never the same again. My eyes, were opened. And though at times, I tried to dismiss, overthrow or seek another way, Christ's Way was was the only one for me.

When Satan offered me the world's kingdoms,
I fled from him to Christ in joyful prayer.
Received the revelation that the Living Son
Had visited me when seeing Hell's despair.
And after my firm choice to follow Christ
Then Hell did seek to thwart my love in Him, 
My joy and peace that I knew God's real life
Was flooding all my being forgiving sins.
Then poured Christ's suffering blood! The shattered I,
Was broken then remade in purity.
Became a Living Christ child to defy
All Satan's world through Christ's sure Liberty.
The work begun to smash the Devil's realms
Is made complete. Now Christ steers this ark's healm.

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