Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Dark Will Never Understand (8/7/87)

The Dark* will never understand the Light.
The Light allows one's vision to be clear.
The Dark would rob you, stab and cut and fight
You in a tunnel of hate and strife and fear.
The Light is Truth and once it's come in you,
No living thing can stop its wondrous flow,
For Grace in Christ is Light and Peace and Truth
The theories of evil ones He overthrows.
And I do know the Living Word's in me.
Shout and proclaim of His experience.
Do know effects of crass idolatries,
Their horrors and their painful recompense.
And now he gently shows His ways to me.
His mysteries revealed to make us free.

The Dark: A spiritual entity which encourages blindness and trust in what one can physically see, decrying the realms of Spirit which are not visible to the "naked" eye. (The Light -Christ/Truth requires sight by Faith.)

No Weapons Forged (based on Isaiah 54: 17) (8/12/87)

No weapons forged 'gainst me your Godly lamb
Will prosper or make marks upon my heart.
Protection, guidance, knowledge, the I Am,
Has covered me in love. We'll never part.
From Him was birthed my being pure in force.
Such might delivers me unto His Whole,
Steers me through clouds and stormy ocean's course.
Through depths of Hell and Death, He saves my soul.
Through Him withstand I all that fear would bring;
Withstand the barbs of people's hateful words.
And Death and Treachery have lost all sting,
For He reigns free in me. Royalty's conferred!
Suffuses all my being, Christ My Lord.
Against Him none can stand. He is this Word.

Running a Good Race (8/12/87)

Oh Lord with patience I have run Your race,
And I am running still, as you would force
Me to upset the pharisee's dead face,
As you would lead me on through mountainous course.
I've run this race with joy and love serene.
Within, You've given me to understand
And trust the things of You that are unseen,
Cast down all words and works of fleshly hands.
I fly the race that's true in Spiritual Life,
And fly through realms controlled and ruled by You,
So far above the Sadducee's sore strife,
And worldly souls that sell the lie as truth,
The race a never ending circled whole,
 Which you've ordained to purify my soul.

Lay Down Your Life, Gaining His (8/12/87)

To gain the Lord you must lay down your life
As you have known and trusted it before.
To gain His Grace without your inner strife,
You must seek depths into your secret core,
And follow 'til the labryinthed way's pure void
Of Dark demise and sallow death and fear
Does choke you, rend your person and destroy
The one you hoped you'd be in this World sphere.
To gain the sure foundation of His Word,
You must then crawl on razors in your mind.
Let cruel despair and hatred be the sword
To slash your self's identity unkind.
As you submit your flesh to die in Truth,
You'll find your face is His. He's one with you.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Angel's Light Shall Shine

No angel's light shall shine before The Son.
No radiance but His shall be upheld.
No brilliance but His fiery torch be flung.
No brightness but the Morning Star's be felt.
His Light is all the stars that need to blaze.
His Lamp is all the guidance I do see.
His Flame so sweet to comfort all my days.
His Fire, so pure, so luminescent, free.
None other can to come in His Bright Way.
No luminary has His Might and Force.
For beauty's truth does Lucifer betray,
With lies so manifest we know their course.
Christ's Glory's His. His Truth is His alone.
As such the Living Christ controls all thrones.

My Father Did Assure Me

My Father did assure me as His son*
That righteousness and purity are mine.
He's me in faith, for we've become as one,
One bone, one flesh, one mind, one Christ, like-kind.
I know He shares His truth in fellowship
For wife and friend am I, so He reveals,
His plans for future glories to equip
His chosen sons which He in Christ would seal.
To work His prism Light, then Love-fire burns
The lies, hypocrisies of dragon** youths,
Exposing filthy waters, He up churns
Their filth unclean so children see His Truth.
So harlots*** be prepared for chastisement.
And be destroyed. Find Christ. To you he's sent!

*son:  all those who have been redeemed by the blood and baptized in the water and in the Spirit are first- fruit (the first harvest) sons to the Lord, brothers/sisters in Christ. The word is inclusive of women as well and not meant to be paternalistic.

**dragon: one of the many facets of evil---doubt filled, lacking faith in Christ

***pastors, etc.:  those who preach Christ but who do not really immerse themselves by Faith and Christ's love...daily. They are unfaithful to the Lord, embracing practices which are contrary to Christ's love.

My Father Has Revealed

My Father has revealed His truth to me,
Through Moses and Elijah's spiritual growth,
Through Paul, Ezekiel and Christ's blood we're free.
Christ sons have overthrown cruel Babylon's yoke.
And further we do go in Kingdom realms.
With knowledge of His ways, transcend all time.
Discover great true concepts further delve,
In all the disciplines smash worldly shrines.
No idol's worshiped; no rebellion seen.
It's not of Him, His kingdom, nor His Might.
Beyond the infinite space, yet cells between,
Our spiritual eyes do look with spiritual sight.
We lead the saints in knowledge, wisdom, power.
Christ's Living Word reigns free, makes Earth our bower.

How Much?

How much dear Father do evildoers know?
By righteous faith I trust your promise sure.
Their minds would seem to hatred on me sow,
Their souls with cruel perversions would allure
Me to the shoals of darkened Hades Hell shores
Instead of kingdoms filled with Truth and Light.
How much of this is plan and will of Yours,
To strengthen me to grow Christ's power and might?
And same for evildoers? Oh Lord, I see,
We're nothing! All you are! It's you who fill
My mind with flowing Grace which you begot,
With blood! Christ's sacrifice of pure love's will.
I follow Father, as you prove my soul.
Reveal Your love in me? That is our goal.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tremendous Joy

Tremendous joy does pulsate through my soul.
Christ's Light does flourish in this universe.
The stars of beauty burn Hell's mirey cold,
And Death lays dead in depth of black, cold hearse.
Exalted is the Bride to see the Son,
Her husband who has vindicated her,
Above the likes of prostitutes, whoresons,
Who'd show as filth the Lord and His true church.
The whoredoms, harlots, Jezebels and pimps,
Impure, unwhole, unfruitful and undone
Have lost all riches, mansions, money mints,
And lay like rotted, stench filled, desert dung.
Christ's purity of Truth has vanquished these.
And healed their souls' blindness and disease.

Oh, Satan

Oh Satan. Don't you know your future's end?
The system you've created is destroyed.
The law has been fulfilled by mankind's friend
And Christ has shined the Light on your dull void.
The time has come for evil to be through
And mankind's works revealed as shams and lies.
For you know Faith is substance and is true,
The way into Christ's Kingdom you despise.
Your agents do lure us to worship flesh:
Its pleasures and its appetites so ripe.
Its passion for what's young and new and fresh,
Its lust for carnal, material ways of life.
But when confronted with mortality,
Christ's way is chosen by humanity.

The Prophet Isreal

The prophet Israel is Christ who's come,
In me, in you. His light decries all Night.
The everpresent Glory of God's son,
Has conquered sin, its torment and cruel strife.
No tears of sadness, sorrow do we shed,
Just tears repentant, joyful, great of Grace,
So grateful thanks we feel for He has led
Us to His realm where we've become His face.
His hand is ours, His eyes are eyes of ours.
His breath so sacred breathes throughout our soul.
We stretch our cells, our yearning for His power
Each molecule of Life to be Christ whole.
Oh Father this our prayer Your Will's the way,
These temples, vessels, worship Christ the Day!


 Prodigal pastors once knew God in the first estate and the first love. If they return, their latter walk with Christ will be greater than their former.

Eschew! I doubt your doubt for it is false.
A prophet you have been of Hell's Belial,
And now you're smote and smoked, though Christ did halt
Your shameful fate which you'd withstood a while.
And now you recognize the gift how great
God's Glory, Truth and Light does keep us free.
And how His dear, sweet Love has sealed your state,
To righteous Truth and Grace to in Him be.
Recall remembrance. Once in faith were strong.
Once did know His coming in your soul.
Once In freedom you did sing Christ's song,
Once His knowledge, wisdom, strength, your goal.
Return to Him! Proclaim His Will always.
Your former joy returns in Christ, the Day.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Idol* Words of Meaninglessness

The breath of life, the living Word in me,
Cannot be stopped by others' idol tongues.
Its power great, its Light the Dark does flee,
Christ's glorious victory ark of brilliance won.
Those cannot force their dung on purity.
Their judgment fails, though my soul they would rack.
Their torment that Christ's Life reigns free in me,
Does break them. Worthless, they cannot fight back.
The Lord does stand. His children do stand, too.
Their words in Christ are sound in Truth and Might.
Their breath is solid Light none can eschew.
It always marks its target, smotes it right.
So speak in idol tongues? No power's there.
This Word, this Light sees Truth, so Night beware!

*idol: what one would set up as a god and worship  (a play on the homonym as well, duh!)

Capitols here as in my various sonnets are used to denote Christ's ownership and named spiritual powers (Might, Truth, etc.) Likewise, Night is a being a spiritual force of darkness.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Word is Life

The Word is Life, so precious in my soul.
It grows me up and feeds me to proclaim,
All Life in Christ who in us sure takes hold,
And leads us, guides us, to His purposed aim.
The Word is knowledge understanding, too,
Propelling foward dreams to make them Life.
The Word is power's might to follow through,
Despite abysses, caverns, frightening heights.
Without the universe, within my mind.
Within the knowledge to perceive afar,
And energies and rainbowed force sublime
To spiritually dance me to the nearest star.
The Ark of Christ's a university.
And there I joy in Love's prosperity.

Cries and Prayers III (1987)

 Evil spirits are devouring spirits which may manifest through people, through concepts, through one's own considerations. We are counseled to "renew our minds daily in the Word of God." We are counseled to cling to the Lord and the Devil (all manner of evil thoughts, actions, deeds) will flee. But how do we discern evil? Sometimes it comes in a pleasing and beautiful shape. Sometimes we must go "behind the scenes" to see the true nature of things. There are seducing spirits that would lure us and make us think right is wrong, black is white, green is red and would make us question the very nature of our souls and walk with the Lord.

One example that comes to mind is the man who planned out and killed an abortion doctor. I thought the Word said, there are two commandments: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself?" Some will claim an abortion doctor is not a neighbor. On the other hand, where/when is premeditated murder justified? The doctor's murder was planned and it violated the laws of the land. We must rightly divide the Word of truth and submit the sword (discernment) of the Lord to our flesh (carnal thoughts) so we are not misled by our own arguments. Did the man who killed the abortion doctor submit to the Lord when he was killing the doctor? Or did he submit to his own "logical" arguments?

I have a problem when such premeditated murder is justified by "Christians." It becomes political and church politics must be questioned and scrutinized; churches have a way of producing dogma and religious interpretation far from the Word of God in order to perpetuate themselves, be an "elite class" unto themselves. (Check out various church histories.) Jesus, himself, had his greatest resistance from religious leaders who were not working for "the good of the people," but who placed greater burdens on them with their religious laws and views. Would such religious leaders recognize "The Son of God," today? Or would they be blind?  The sonnet touches upon these themes. Above all, remember, unless we renew our minds daily in the Word, we are subject to seductions that move us away from Christ's Love.

Oh Lord, do save me from devourers,
Who'd slay me, drink my blood and say it's You.
Your saving grace and mercy's never earned,
Yet they'd deny that Christ in me is True.
Rejecting me is to deny the Lord.
Control me? No they can't it's blasphemy
Of Freedom's Truth of Living powerful Word
Of Revelation for eternity.
So subtle is rejection of the Lamb,
Discernment's needed to see what occurs.
Each time the Devil strikes at the I Am,
Exalted He makes us, our anger stirs.
The steps I take? Christ's Truth! In Him I grow.
The precious seed, His Word? In my earth sowed.

Cries and Prayers II

During the time I went to Massapequa Tabernacle, the church where Jessica Hahn attended and became ultra friendly with the pastor Gene Profeta, I was troubled by what I saw and prayed for the congregation, the pastor's wife and the pastor. Then the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker scandal hit and I became apprised of his actions with Hahn and his indirect involvement with coaching her during the Bakker expose. The congregation never sought the truth. I wonder what would have happened if they did? The truth required a complicated response. I don't think the congregations was capable of it. They chose to believe a lie. Discovering the truth, all I could do was listen and be led of the inner witness and pray. This is just one of many sonnets written during that time attending the church 1986-1987.

Oh Father, Truth I want him to express.
A manly god, as god, a manly man.
You've made him and ordained him to...to address
Your Glory in Your garden as Your lamb.
And You have made a promise of Your son,
In Him to wed Your Church Christ bride in me.
And you don't lie with evil, dark, intent,
Or Change Your will for all eternity.
I know you Father, only I can trust
That which we both do share in Kingdom realms.
Those riches, sweet forevers never rust.
Oh,  prove Dear Lord, this promise to son Gene.
Destroy corruption and his soul redeem.

Cries and Prayers

Oh Father, do release my mind and heart
To work Your will in me to do Your work.
They're those who from You, they would hope I'd part.
They're those who'd see me destitute and hurt.
And though you've called them up to spiritual heights,
They linger in the shadows 'neath your realm.
Although you've given power, love and might,
They double-minded wish to take Your helm.
And You have painted such a truth to me.
And I so tiny, small and You so great,
And You have blinded eyes to I could see,
That You in me will stem their flood of hate.
Oh Lord, as you did smite by angel hands
Your Villains, do lift up this tiny lamb.

Heavenly Pastor, The Resurected Lamb

My Pastor's Grace is measured by His love,
So infinite so unconditional
Was priceless payment made by priceless blood,
To overcome Death's stones* traditional.
I see my Pastor's love for His Christ bride
Is limitless uncalculated want,
And yearning for us to be at His side,
To overthrow the Devil's hate-death haunts.
And Darkness' power can never separate
The love between us all that He has placed,
In hearts for Kingdom's Glory to create
Christ children whose dear birth in Him is traced.
We move in Him toward each in love and power.
Bestow God's light and love in His pure bower.

*stones: carnal Christians failing to follow Christ's inner witness and His Word

Nullification is Destroyed by Christ's Love

When some do pray, their words drop to the ground.
Do not to know the mercy of our Lord.
Do not with depths of love the Lord to sound.
Do not the fleshly sacrifice afford.
Our God recalls the living to His realm.
Restores with quickened Life what once was waste,
And steers the bark for He is at the helm,
Of yielded vessels who look on His face.
My Father is all Light and Mercy's grace.
No Death in Him. No darkness in His Light.
He's Love so infinite with gold so chased,
We overcome in Him in Christ we fight.
The love and light and life of Him is come.
Darkness, Death's hate force is overcome!

Monday, August 22, 2011

How Long? (4/2/87)

How long can you sustain a lying self?
How long must you feed garbage to your flock?
How long must cover ups break down your health?
How long must you kill sheep Christ's pure, Live stock?
How long must you convince yourself you're True
To Christ His faithful wife, the righteous sword,
Yet keep flesh pleasures, show the Harlot's view,
As if His prophets lie to shame the Lord.
How long this beating, stoning, hating of
The ones of Spirit, released to Christ control?
How long torment Jerusalem  above?
It seems in truth self hatred is your goal.
Oh Father where is justice for your lambs?
Who're beaten, murdered, stripped by  religious shams?

Despite (3/24/87)

Pastors and priests who are in conflict with their own walk in the Lord are struggling and oftentimes, instead of using the experience to help their congregants, lash out against them. If the congregants sense this, all they can do is pray and if led by the Lord, leave the church and return if the Lord guides them back or move on to another church after prayer and fasting.

Despite the strand of Hell on which you stand,
Despite the horrors that control your mind,
Despite the sorrows you've dealt with your hands,
Despite the lies and falseness of your kind,
Despite your calling Truth and Life disease,
Despite your hurting lambs and slaughtering them,
Despite your cankering all God's living trees,
Despite your cruel actions, sheep condemn,
Despite your calling crime a Christian Grace,
Despite your sanctions whereby saints denied,
Despite your shaming those who're pure of face,
Despite sin bloated soul that you've belied
I pray for you, that all will be revealed,
See Christ come in your soul, in Him be sealed.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deny Christ's Love in Others? Discern After the Spirit.

One of the most humblest actions a church official can take is to acknowledge God's miracle of love in someone who was not birthed in Christ in that congregation. Pastors can become jealous over their flocks and can not be receptive to strangers, especially if they are not able to discern after the Spirit, a skill that must be honed after fasting, prayer and walking strictly by faith and guidance through God's word and the Word renewed inner voice. Off on any of these elements? Then discerning after the Spirit can not only be difficult but filled with error; good becomes bad, right becomes wrong, up becomes down, a wise man becomes a fool, and a liar and thief is trusted. In other words, one cannot tell a sheep from a wolf in sheep's clothing. Because people trusted their sight more than the inner Spirit, I often confused them because I did not "look the part" of the spiritual person. And that was the point. If one trusts one's sight "in the natural" he/she misses what the Lord is doing "after the Spirit."

The love you see in me you can't control.
It makes you act beyond your normal sense.
At times confusion in your mind takes hold,
And moves you round and knocks you off your fence.
Well, maybe Christ in me affects the way
Toward me you feel, and act,  and move, and think.
And maybe divine love is here to stay,
To push you toward that double dangerous brink.
And maybe what you prayed for me one night,
Is really prayer for you that I send back,
So He'll transform us both in glory's Light
And pin all Darkness' power on torment's rack.
Acknowledge Christ's love lives in me, a song.
Deny it? Face cruel Satan and his throng!

The Pearl

The pearl most precious formed in pain and toil
Is fragile, sweet in beauty, grace and love.
It's only worn by priests** and castes who are royal*
Because it represents God's had enough
Of spilling blood in righteousness and peace,
Sustaining hurts and miseries of death,
Of pouring out His wrath on purity
Of burning sacrifices to pay sin's debt.
Kings* and priests** strong seeds God planted when
He formed the spheres whirling out the end of time,
The only ones who're worthy that he sends
Can wear the pearl covering sublime.
For them Christ's love and faith beyond compare
Is formed in pain with blood so pure, so rare .

*kings: those who wear the spiritual crowns of Christ (i.e. Jesus' disciples)
**priests: spiritual holy men and women in Christ who walk by faith not by sight

Friday, August 19, 2011

Spiritual Rapture (not a material phenomenon as some portray)

Oh Jesus Christ is coming soon for those
Who live their faith and worship day by day.
The Lamb whose grace and mercy does disclose
God's love for all whose sins are ransom paid.
This raptured time to all's a mystery,
And God alone knows when the time's at hand.
He'll take us up. Immortal we will be,
Safe from the tribulations in the land.
And then O Israel's lights will shine the path
For martyred saints to follow in God's word.
And they will see the fullness of God's wrath
For worshipping the Beast who hates our Lord.
The Bride of Christ so soon will raptured be.
Receive our Lord so, too, Him you will see.


Beyond America does freedom ring?
Do bells of liberty bestow their wealth?
Or do the carnal ones in death-state sing,
And every fly and snake sting Christ in stealth?
Is freedom in our souls a foolish hope
To think about before one takes one's life?
Or is it Christ's Truth realm beyond earth's scope,
Achieved when golden* you've become His wife?
Is Truth ephemeral, not common sense,
A bloody lie, a doctrine of false thought?
Or is its power so great and so intense
It's known the moment that its Light is wrought?
Christ Freedom, Liberty and Truth come forth,
So we can see the Glory of the Lord.

*golden:  full of divine nature

Persecution of the Righteous

The lack of faith to be as Christ, a son
Does eat at one who knows the difference.
When knowing that the Light in Love has come,
Be unafraid to face this consequence!
But lack of faith would not be manifest
It it's surrounded by unrighteousness.
If everyone's alike in form and dress,
Then there's no seeing all are in distress..
The problem is when one comes in the Light,
Is not afraid to face the Devil down,
And stands for Christ and never stops the fight,
And lets no man* or devil steal his crown.
"Such contrast cannot be allowed," says man*.
"Let's stone him!" But that kingdom's built on sand.

*man and woman

Unfulfilled Purpose

People's lives are purposed, ordained Truth.
Shuttered, homeless, vagabonds we be
When innocent, pure goals we seek at youth
Become lost dreams and void's infinities.
The bend and sway of planets shapes our minds,
Our culture and proclivities of life.
Our minds, too, force sphere's orbits in like kind,
Spin round our energies and create strife.
We all are planets, satellites of suns,
Duped by an egotism insecure,
Of arrogance to deem ourselves to've won
Disregard the spiritual knowledge we've procured.
And thus, our souls are arkless, vacuum swept,
Disjoined from cosmic life, wandering, bereft.

God's Will Never Done

After a revelatory experience and need to return to my roots in Faith, I followed a circuitous route and ended up attending a number of churches birthed on LI from one ministry. If the root is noxious, then the branches are as well. I didn't know that at the time regarding the root of this ministry which is still operating on LI. That story is for another day. Suffice to say my eyes were opened spiritually, not because of the church or the ministry, but because I was seeking the Lord daily in prayer and truth. Actually, being in the church and singing in the choir became frustrating because of what I intuited happening behind the scenes. After a process of two years, I discovered I was right. The minister's will more than the Lord's was being done. The minister of the church that Jessica Hahn went to in Massapequa, NY was connected with Jessica Hahn in more ways than one. We'll leave it at that, though their connection is now public knowledge and a matter of record. And of course, he was and is married. Whether or not they completely conspired to bring down Jim Bakker maybe will never be known. Only God knows. In any case, this sonnet was written 4/28/87. Think Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker and PTL scandal and the minister of the church Jessica Hahn went to. (Hahn and the Pastor are still friendly, by the way. Old relationships never die; only old generals fade away.) Jim Bakker is thriving and well, thank God. I do believe he was set up and the media, anxious to tar and feather a preacher, was willingly, yet stupidly duped. Sometimes, I think the wrong preacher was tarred and feathered. The sonnet is NOT about Jim Bakker. It is about those (including ministers) who were judgmental and jealous of Bakker, contributed to his downfall and may have been happy that he was "tarred, feathered and run out of his ministry."

Perhaps you were appointed for crass deeds
To bring His purification of His sons.
Perhaps corruption is the fallen seed,
You do prefer lest God's will would be done.
And ignorance your lot and portion great,
And pride and evil's kingdom what you'd build
To reassure yourself your earthen state
Is what your worshipped idoled self does will.
And maybe satisfaction, joy and grace
Are shams instead of Word becoming Life.
Perhaps you do prefer a Death Mask face
Then supernatural justice, power, might.
Oh Father! Where' the fault within this kind?
My child, these say, "My will be done, not Thine."

Hypocrites Playing Church

In 1987 the evangelical church underwent a cataclysm from which it never recovered. It was the Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker debacle and Jerry Falwell, someone who was not an evangelical Christian sought a way to destroy someone he despised. Bakker allowed him to succeed and the Christian community suffered. At the time I was attending a church whose pastor was carnal, conflicted and unregenerate, but who was lost in this "preaching business" without a "way out."  The problem was he had lost his first love and had been misdirected by foul birds of the air (evil spirits) and other manifestations by not really seeking The Lord for a revelation. Without a vision people surely perish in carnality. This is dedicated to him and his followers, some of whom couldn't discern properly after The Spirit.

 Oh Lord, I see the maggots playing church,
Dressed for the funeral they dance, parade
Around the carcasses and dead flesh birds,
Whilst miming worship, steeped in bondage. Jades!
Oh so convinced are they of their great state,
Persuaded that their works have brought rewards,
Proclaiming knowledge that they're Heaven's gates
They preach like they have power in Christ's word.
Beyond the falseness, darkness of their dance,
Christ's Truth does Light my sight to see their games,
Swept up the public, charmed in their cruel trance,
They've alchemized the fake through "Jesus'  Name!"
The Word discerns these maggot preacher men.
In flames Truth's immolation brings their end.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Turning Point

 I was raised in the Baptist Church and knowing God's words in the Bible. I "accepted the Lord," at age 9. I always prayed. Did I understand what was being preached about God's love and sacrifice through Jesus' work on the cross? No. (I am still learning.) Through these years God was just "out there," and I was walking blindly unaware and afraid of my own shadow and inner hypocrisies. In college there were events that occurred which prompted a revelation: first that Satan existed and was real. I mean SATAN REALLY EXISTS. The conclusion? If Satan is real, then God is even more REAL and ALIVE and I had a choice. After the revelation, after the choice, I was never the same again. My eyes, were opened. And though at times, I tried to dismiss, overthrow or seek another way, Christ's Way was was the only one for me.

When Satan offered me the world's kingdoms,
I fled from him to Christ in joyful prayer.
Received the revelation that the Living Son
Had visited me when seeing Hell's despair.
And after my firm choice to follow Christ
Then Hell did seek to thwart my love in Him, 
My joy and peace that I knew God's real life
Was flooding all my being forgiving sins.
Then poured Christ's suffering blood! The shattered I,
Was broken then remade in purity.
Became a Living Christ child to defy
All Satan's world through Christ's sure Liberty.
The work begun to smash the Devil's realms
Is made complete. Now Christ steers this ark's healm.

Money Preachers

A number of pastors on LI preach the prosperity gospel. Its popular allure in the economic downturn, is a boon for the collection plate because to "get" from the Lord you have to "give" sacrificially to the pastor, God' representative. For those who are nearing the poverty level, oftentimes, multicultural populations, this may sound logical after hearing another derivative of the message, another iteration of the Biblical verse, Luke 6:38, "Give and it shall be given to you, pressed down shaken together shall men give unto your bosom."

 The New Testament, especially, is uplifting and overcoming. However, it's quite another bowl of sauerkraut to interpret most scripture as uplifting toward monetary riches. Well being is what the good news gospel is all about; it brings us through good times and bad. Men and women of wealth who have risen from one class to the next (Oprah, Gates, Buffet) were motivated not by riches but by a passion for the thing they loved doing. From my churchy experiences which I will share at some point, I found that pastors did not exhibit a love either for preaching, their sheep or the gospel "business." It was mostly a frustration. It should have been a blessing, despite the ups and downs which always do come for all, even for the entitled: i.e. the Queen of England, George Soros, the Rothchildes and Lloyd Blankfein.

                      Mad Money Pastors
When pastors preach prosperity "for" the Lord
When they cast down and prostitute His Word,
When they demand your payment to afford,
Materialistic lifestyles, showy lures,
When they would sell their body, soul and mind,
For cash and coin to vaunt their vision of
Their self, spectacular and so "refined,"
To "represent" the glory of Christ's love,
When they demand a luxurious life estate
And treasured artifacts then entertain
Whoresons and pimps who'd hang Christ on a stake
And maul His sheep without one thought of shame.
Such pastor Philistines do worship Baal.
Oh Christ! Your Light of Truth their souls impale!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hypocrites: Carnal Pastors

 True repentance leads to true peace, love and joy. When one is a half-hearted Christian still repeating the same tormenting mistakes, the same regretful actions, like a whirlwind that catches up a house and destroys it, their soul is stretched with guilt, denial and arrogance. I've seen churchmen stand at the pulpit and pray, not believing for either themselves or their congregants. I have seen them go through the motions, acting their way through the sermon, but none of the repetitive words coming out of their mouths cleanse and change their lives. As a result, becoming bloated with sin, eventually their "actions" incriminate themselves and someone blows the whistle.

Jerry Falwell's gluttony superseded his pure walk in Christ. His carnality was evident on his body. His heart gave out from the strain. Jimmy Swaggart condemned sinners and was adept at hiding his own addiction from himself and his relationship with the Lord until a whistleblower found him out. W.V. Grant, Gene Profeta (minister of Jessica Hahn's church) Benny Hinn and others were exposed for their financial irregularities and Grant and Profeta went to jail. Jesus railed against the pharisees who placed burdens on the people and were bloated with sin themselves.

When whoresons pray no blood for cleansing's found
No purity have they to face the Lord
Defiled their prison house, unclean, unsound.
Of doubt and doublemind and unwhole Word
Unsteady markmanship their thoughts betray
The Lord can't hear their pleas. He knows them not.
No sacrifice of love in pig pen's sty.
Of prodigal way their law damned souls do rot
And yet, the law fulfilled is the only way
The Father then does see and hear their cry
In double paradox of death arrayed
They're lost from Him as Him they do defy.
Their blood must drop and drain instead of Christ's
For trashing Christ pure blood, torment's the price.

Monday, August 15, 2011

You Can't Believe For Others

One of my biggest frustrations was when praying for family and friends, so wanting them to be prayer partners or just believers in Christ. I am the only one in my family who believes in Christ, prays in tongues, and has spiritual gifts, recognizing that the fruit of the spirit is how to discern fellow believers. Actually, I am maverick Christian. I do not "follow" the political tenets of evangelical Christianity, adhering to every wind and doctrine that "the group" listens to and abides in. I am guided by prayer and the inner witness. In any case, I have learned to "wait on the Lord" with regard to family and friends and be lead of His Spirit, using wisdom, knowing when to "open my mouth" or be silent, and especially knowing it's not my work that counts, it's His and He has a time for everything. My time is inconsequential and immaterial. Norman McClean demonstrates this beautifully in his work A River Runs Through It made into a film of the same title directed by Robert Redford. The film always makes me cry at the end...for the family, my family and the poignancy of love. All we can do is love our families, pray for them and wait on the Lord to do the rest.

Hence, the poem below. We can never judge or imagine how someone will come to Christ. Indeed, we may be surprised to learn who is with Him after they passed. In the last, the thief on the cross believed...and he was a thief. In that instance, belief spoke louder than his previous actions.

                           You Can't Believe For Others

You can't believe for others if in Christ they're not ordained.
The lesson's hard the lesson's true, but it will keep you sane..
The faith that God drops in your heart is sacrificed with pain,
Because the joy that follows fast will bring the latter rain.

The paradox of life's extremes is only balanced when,
You se beyond your shallow dreams to understand God's plan.
Ordained your footsteps, actions ordained the Truth will be revealed.
You need to know Satan personally before the Lord's revealed..

To see your prayers come to pass words you once spoke were death,
You must fight God with all you strength to abide in His Life's breath.
To be a righteous holy one you have to pay Law's debts.
You have to be a pharisee before you'll be Christ's strength.

Now if your sight is inbetween then what you need to do
Is move to one or the other extreme then balance will come to you.
The men whose limbs do stride the fence are paralyzed can't move. 
The violent ones who know life's done begin new life in Truth.