Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom (12/8/1988)

My mother who introduced me into Christianity (First Baptist Church on LI.) was killed in a car accident April 28, 1972. She was the glue that held my immediate family and her side of the family together. With her death came a a gulf between us that wasn't bridged until many years later. With her death, unconditional love ended for me and I had to climb a very craggy, tar pitch road back into the Light of God's Word and Love. I was a prodigal.   I finally entered His spiritual Kingdom and I stayed for good since 1984. This sonnet is dedicated to my beloved Mom who gave me the gift of Life, twice and started me on my spiritual journey which is forever in Him.

                God's Loving Power

My Living Father promises you keep,
To Sons redeemed by Graced Obedience
Sustained in Light, Your Glory through them reaps
The harvest full of Love's magnificence.
A Love no world tilled eye can glean nor sight,
Such Love despised by hate's "religious" force
Pure Love that some do rave against and fight
Sound Love whose substance spins a Star-lived course.
Fulfilled Your vision propagates the minds
Of Sons not captured by Death's caverned womb.
Your whirlwind Love restores sight to the blind
Encourages us to sear through flesh-veiled tombs.
You are what IS, that all do hope to see
These words Your Breath, Your Light to make us free.

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