Wednesday, February 29, 2012



Without reception of His love and grace,
We live a life that's incomplete, bereft
Of knowing that he pleads to God our case
An advocate who strikes at sin's soul theft.
Without determination that He wants to fill
Our souls with love, so we can then forgive
Our weakness, foibles, flimsy lack of will
And prosper in His light and spiritually live.
Without a spiritual walk in faith divine
Impossible to crucify self-hate,
That leadens will and spins us to decline
Addicts our self-hood to a withering state.
Forever He forgave us, always will.
We must forgive ourselves. His peace be still. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Whitney Houston: In Memoriam and in Praise of God's Work in Her Life

I had written about Whitney Houston for Technorati in October last year. I knew she was troubled.  Issues rose up in her life, then were quelled, covered by family and Houston herself. Too many prying eyes...too many ridiculing, envious hearts.

But if there were warning signs, only Whitney Houston could have realized what was happening. It is not for others to judge; it is impossible for others to know. We can only try to stand in another's shoes. And if we believe in the Lord, which Houston and her family surely did and do, then we must trust Him. Only He knows the purpose of our lives. He is the author and finisher of our faith. And the world may wag on, but He is the designer, and glory comes to Him through us.

That said, I've written this sonnet in remembrance of a beautiful and glorious child of God. He blessed her with his precious gifts. They will be treasured in our lifetime and beyond, because it is His joy to celebrate the goodness that shined the light of Whitney Houston. And through the grateful appreciation of her divine, anointed talent, I do believe many will be lead to the Kingdom of God.

This sonnet is dedicated to Whitney Houston. To God be the glory.

                          Whitney Houston

When you were born God's plan was set in place;
Your being not your own, the Tree of Life
Did hold you up and lift you to God's grace,
Though storms would come to beat you with their strife.
Though worldly, carnal lures would distract you,
Though fame and fortune waved their glittery hands
And beckoned you embrace them as "the truth,"
And follow them in snares of their commands.
But never did the Lord allow your fall.
And never did you cease your faith in Him.
You never let your soul be world enthralled,
Despite blind media's judgments of "your sins."*
With Him in Spirit, Whitney lives in Grace
And softly wins you to His love's embrace.

*Only God can judge us. And we are forgiven. So any talk of her "faults/sins," by anyone must be viewed as follows. This is probably someone who doesn't believe/hasn't accepted in his/her own life that God forgives; does not believe that God is love and does not believe in the Spiritual power of the Living God. Pray for that person/those individuals, if you are lead to. Then move on.