Saturday, March 19, 2016

Women's Right to Choose, Christ's Untrap Law of Love

This is a sonnet dedicated to all the women who have sacrificed their lives and died giving themselves an illegal abortion. They made a decision to choose to take possession of their souls and bodies regardless of the punishing culture's wicked laws denying them safe healthcare with a medical doctor. God truly has granted 10 commandments and Christ said all are encompassed in the first two commandments:

1)Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength (the joy of the Lord is your strength)
2)Love your neighbor as yourself.

God does NOT contravene His own word. Anyone who kills a doctor who gives an abortion or attempts to kill the doctor is contravening God's commandment to LOVE and forgive. That is murder. God does not condone murder because that is not loving. Such individuals cannot lie and say they are doing God's will. They are doing man's will. Pro-lifers are being used by conservatives to obtain power for the conservative wealthy. There is nothing Christian about such politically conservative arguments. In fact they go against God's scriptures and the conservatives have been blaspheming the Holy Spirit and lying on His word.

If a woman decides to abort, that is between her and God. She has free will and is an independent person. Exodus 21: 22-23.  The scripture makes it clear that a dependent life (fetus) is not the same as an independent life. If they were the same, all the women who do not carry their children to term, but who have lost their children through natural abortions (for example ectopic pregnancy), deserve to be tried for murdering their fetus. Either the woman and fetus are separate independent beings, or one is an independent being and one is a dependent being.  Exodus 21: 22-23 clearly indicates the fetus is dependent and the mother's life is independent of it. That is why according to that scripture, if a man causes a pregnant woman to miscarry and the child dies, he is fined, but only if the woman lives. If he causes her to miscarry and she dies with the fetus, then he is charged with murder.

Because you're born a woman you are trapped
Inside a female body. You're oppressed
By those who hate. Your power they would sap
To dominate what God has truly blessed.
The patriarchy spirit is a lie
That masquerades as truth, a fearful threat.
It harms and maims and kills those who would try
To overthrow its legion of regrets. 
Conservatives, mountebanks-quotidian whores,
These hypocrites use "Christian" politics.
In shadows they belie Christ is the door.
They practice not His love, but devilish tricks.
Women's souls are free, their choices, rights,
 Are guaranteed by Christ's dear sacrifice.