Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cries and Prayers II

During the time I went to Massapequa Tabernacle, the church where Jessica Hahn attended and became ultra friendly with the pastor Gene Profeta, I was troubled by what I saw and prayed for the congregation, the pastor's wife and the pastor. Then the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker scandal hit and I became apprised of his actions with Hahn and his indirect involvement with coaching her during the Bakker expose. The congregation never sought the truth. I wonder what would have happened if they did? The truth required a complicated response. I don't think the congregations was capable of it. They chose to believe a lie. Discovering the truth, all I could do was listen and be led of the inner witness and pray. This is just one of many sonnets written during that time attending the church 1986-1987.

Oh Father, Truth I want him to express.
A manly god, as god, a manly man.
You've made him and ordained him to...to address
Your Glory in Your garden as Your lamb.
And You have made a promise of Your son,
In Him to wed Your Church Christ bride in me.
And you don't lie with evil, dark, intent,
Or Change Your will for all eternity.
I know you Father, only I can trust
That which we both do share in Kingdom realms.
Those riches, sweet forevers never rust.
Oh,  prove Dear Lord, this promise to son Gene.
Destroy corruption and his soul redeem.

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