Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Dark Will Never Understand (8/7/87)

The Dark* will never understand the Light.
The Light allows one's vision to be clear.
The Dark would rob you, stab and cut and fight
You in a tunnel of hate and strife and fear.
The Light is Truth and once it's come in you,
No living thing can stop its wondrous flow,
For Grace in Christ is Light and Peace and Truth
The theories of evil ones He overthrows.
And I do know the Living Word's in me.
Shout and proclaim of His experience.
Do know effects of crass idolatries,
Their horrors and their painful recompense.
And now he gently shows His ways to me.
His mysteries revealed to make us free.

The Dark: A spiritual entity which encourages blindness and trust in what one can physically see, decrying the realms of Spirit which are not visible to the "naked" eye. (The Light -Christ/Truth requires sight by Faith.)

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