Thursday, August 25, 2011

Idol* Words of Meaninglessness

The breath of life, the living Word in me,
Cannot be stopped by others' idol tongues.
Its power great, its Light the Dark does flee,
Christ's glorious victory ark of brilliance won.
Those cannot force their dung on purity.
Their judgment fails, though my soul they would rack.
Their torment that Christ's Life reigns free in me,
Does break them. Worthless, they cannot fight back.
The Lord does stand. His children do stand, too.
Their words in Christ are sound in Truth and Might.
Their breath is solid Light none can eschew.
It always marks its target, smotes it right.
So speak in idol tongues? No power's there.
This Word, this Light sees Truth, so Night beware!

*idol: what one would set up as a god and worship  (a play on the homonym as well, duh!)

Capitols here as in my various sonnets are used to denote Christ's ownership and named spiritual powers (Might, Truth, etc.) Likewise, Night is a being a spiritual force of darkness.

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