Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

Our country's liberty bell in Philadelphia is cracked. Would it be whole again; would our spiritual freedom be realized.

May all of us uplift the freedoms we do have in the US. May we have the courage and power to fight for the freedoms/rights others globally are attempting to usurp (all the industrial complexes-food, political, medical, media, military, security, and those who engender them to lie, cheat and steal, screwing over the American public financially and psychically, keeping them oppressed). May the country be awakened to truth spiritually (not religious dogma and political religious dogma which is a lie perpetrated by the power elites).  Liberty must be fought for daily with one's eyes open. Let's wake up!

Who shall be free is more than just a phrase
Proposed by wealthy to unite their cause
And revolutions organized to praise
Quaint leaders, make us think and give us pause.
For some the free "have nothing left to lose,"
For them, then, freedom has no worth or price.
For others freedom's something that they choose
Renouncing all they own in sacrifice.
A paradox, my freedom's chosen; yet,
I had no choice; had nothing left to lose
But priceless I knew freedom's value set;
Did not disdain what I did freely use.
My spiritual freedom's paid with Christ's dear blood.
Receiving Grace, I'm bathed in Freedom's flood.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dynamic Relationships

Jonathan Pryce as Davies and Alan Cox as Aston in The Caretaker currently at BAM
 Viewing the power struggle between individuals in The Caretaker was revelatory. Egos were the problem; humanity the potential cure. The inability to touch another's soul the devastation. How does one connect? Through compassion, through empathy, through the Spirit. But before that is possible, one has to be in the Spirit and to do that is impossible if one is flesh, ego, pride. Only with God is such compassion and empathy possible. Pinter revealed the emptiness and loneliness of humanity in crystal clear dialogue that the wonderful Spirit and humanity of the actors brought to life in the production. There was no perceived answer for humanity's abyss, no cure. Faith can bring the cure, but it is impossible without the electricity of Spirit  to convey the truth. A beginning might be Psalm 23rd and prayer.

When egos step between our soul and mind
When consciousness does sleep, is unaware
That we manipulate our past unkind
To get through tribulations so unfair.
When others drag us through their cruelties
And make us bow to their warped childhood blights
And wipe their dross on us like we're debris
And trash to dump in pits to fire their sight.
Then call upon the Lord and pray for strength,
And vision to untangle any web
That's bound you up. With Him you then can rent
The chains that would to slave your soul and ebb
His Grace. So seek His Joy, His peace, His Light.
Destroy all bindings with His loving Might. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Resurrection, Rebirth, Renewal in Peace and Joy: The Meaning of Easter


What plainer way could Jesus' sacrifice upon the cross, the Passover Lamb slain, then resurrected be remembered during Easter, then through His own words, "I am the resurrection and the life. No man comes unto the Father but by me." But what does that mean? My mom told me of a man she knew who kept on going up to the church pastor again and again "wanting to be saved by Jesus," but not understanding what it meant. Born again? They have become DIRTY POLITICAL WORDS ASSOCIATED WITH HATEFUL AND DESTRUCTIVE PEOPLE. What a shame.

In all of my acquaintance, and I've lived a while on this planet, I know of no person who has not faced trials of the soul, depths of despair, self-hated, self-criticism, horrible self-doubt. Who has not said a prayer for relief from self-torment and terrible inner soul pain. This soul pain transcends economics, gender, race, creed, ethnicity. It makes the power hungry fearful to maintain control. It causes division and familial hatreds. It is the reason why a very few control the world. It is not greed, it is abject self-destructive hate and self-hate. For what you do to one man, what you cause for one women you DO TO YOURSELF. So in creating poverty, the elites add burdens to their souls that they will never be free from, never. They are chaining themselves up to think they need no one and nothing, but yet they are so fearful of losing power, they're in a GLOBAL SOUL PRISON of their own making. Welcome to hell on earth. Aren't you glad you are not of their ilk? That is why it is easier for a rich/powerful person to go through the eye of a needle than for him/her to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They cannot SEE OR THINK that there is such a thing as THE SPIRIT. They are fleshly materialists and embrace material futurism.

When Jesus died, he went to hell and preached. And then he was resurrected. THIS IS DEDICATED TO ALL THOSE IN HELL (get it?). And of course it is for the rest of us in the human family.

I am the resurrection and the life.
No man will come to God but by belief
That I have conquered sin and Satan's strife
To save mankind* and give him* soul relief.
It is by sacrifice upon the tree
That I redeemed all souls from worldly lies.
It is my blood that cleansed guilt, made you free
From self-hate's self-destruction, you despise.
Embrace my love this day and come to me
My  sustenance will bring you peace of mind
Embrace me! Come  by faith for you can't free
Yourself: man's ways are chains that always bind.
This day receive my Grace and Mercy, too
Rebirth, renewal, joy will live in you.

*Women were put above men in Jesus' time. I use the noun mankind because of the syllabification. To make the sonnet sound better. If it offends you, sorry.

Mary Magdeline saw Jesus first after His resurrection. He honored A WOMAN before the men disciples. He was friends TO WOMEN and WOMEN preached in the early church and were famed for being great in working to spread the gospel. So I am happy that of all the religions, Christianity is the least paternalistic IN THE BIBLE. I can't speak for how men and various denominations twist this to suit their own paternalistic, controlling ways.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Breaking Through

When does an individual become his or her own person? Sometimes, never. It may take a village to raise a child, but the child must then strike out on their own and make the world a better place for others. To realize your place in the purpose and scheme of the fabric of life requires constant submission to the divine. It also requires complete trust in what you may not even understand is present or real (God). So the journey is a long one, but there are vibrant illuminating beacons. You are never in the darkness for very long. And when the light is particularly bright, then you do see your condition and the state of your life. Then is the moment of decision. Is it possible to be uniquely free to find your passion that is divinely inspired? What do you have to sacrifice to achieve it? Ego? Lies? Bondages? Faith in Christ can be the way toward freedom. And the price has already been paid.
The culture shapes and pulls us to its will.
Parents, teachers, pals do tie our souls.
And as we're buffeted by these queer ills
Our selves in tangled images unfold.
We question who we are and what we'd be
Propelled to think their thoughts they hold us in
The lies like walls occlude what we would see
We're caught. True thought then never does begin.
It takes a lifetime to cut soulish ties
Be light filled, free from bondages of man
It takes great strength to try and try and try
Promote our independent soul to stand.
And only through Christ's help can we break free
From cultural patterns to uniquely be.

See link related to the theme of the sonnet.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Galileo Galilei and God

Oh Galileo! Did you not "make waves?"
The Catholic Church would burn you at the stake.
But you profoundly studied 'til your grave
Though fearful cardinals would your soul to break.
A physicist! The foremost of the times!
You disobeyed, like Paul, and traveled to
Old Tuscany to preach the heavens' rhymes
In concepts blasphemous to monkish "truth."
Those scribes, those pharisees in spirit like
The same who crucified The Son of Man
Could never justify their devilish strike
Against God's great astronomer and stand.
The One whose physics tamed The Galilee*
Displaced the carnal church through Galilei.**

Jesus with fishermen ; Raphael

Sonnet inspired by:

*Many of Christ's greatest miracles happened at or around the Lake of Galilee: feeding the 5,000, calming the storm that frightened the disciples, walking on the water to Peter who lost faith and was sinking. Here he taught the disciples to be "fishers of men."

                                       **Galileo's last name.

Lithograph of the lake and fishermen 1890-1900