Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hypocrites: Carnal Pastors

 True repentance leads to true peace, love and joy. When one is a half-hearted Christian still repeating the same tormenting mistakes, the same regretful actions, like a whirlwind that catches up a house and destroys it, their soul is stretched with guilt, denial and arrogance. I've seen churchmen stand at the pulpit and pray, not believing for either themselves or their congregants. I have seen them go through the motions, acting their way through the sermon, but none of the repetitive words coming out of their mouths cleanse and change their lives. As a result, becoming bloated with sin, eventually their "actions" incriminate themselves and someone blows the whistle.

Jerry Falwell's gluttony superseded his pure walk in Christ. His carnality was evident on his body. His heart gave out from the strain. Jimmy Swaggart condemned sinners and was adept at hiding his own addiction from himself and his relationship with the Lord until a whistleblower found him out. W.V. Grant, Gene Profeta (minister of Jessica Hahn's church) Benny Hinn and others were exposed for their financial irregularities and Grant and Profeta went to jail. Jesus railed against the pharisees who placed burdens on the people and were bloated with sin themselves.

When whoresons pray no blood for cleansing's found
No purity have they to face the Lord
Defiled their prison house, unclean, unsound.
Of doubt and doublemind and unwhole Word
Unsteady markmanship their thoughts betray
The Lord can't hear their pleas. He knows them not.
No sacrifice of love in pig pen's sty.
Of prodigal way their law damned souls do rot
And yet, the law fulfilled is the only way
The Father then does see and hear their cry
In double paradox of death arrayed
They're lost from Him as Him they do defy.
Their blood must drop and drain instead of Christ's
For trashing Christ pure blood, torment's the price.

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