Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Weapons Forged (based on Isaiah 54: 17) (8/12/87)

No weapons forged 'gainst me your Godly lamb
Will prosper or make marks upon my heart.
Protection, guidance, knowledge, the I Am,
Has covered me in love. We'll never part.
From Him was birthed my being pure in force.
Such might delivers me unto His Whole,
Steers me through clouds and stormy ocean's course.
Through depths of Hell and Death, He saves my soul.
Through Him withstand I all that fear would bring;
Withstand the barbs of people's hateful words.
And Death and Treachery have lost all sting,
For He reigns free in me. Royalty's conferred!
Suffuses all my being, Christ My Lord.
Against Him none can stand. He is this Word.

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