Monday, August 22, 2011

Despite (3/24/87)

Pastors and priests who are in conflict with their own walk in the Lord are struggling and oftentimes, instead of using the experience to help their congregants, lash out against them. If the congregants sense this, all they can do is pray and if led by the Lord, leave the church and return if the Lord guides them back or move on to another church after prayer and fasting.

Despite the strand of Hell on which you stand,
Despite the horrors that control your mind,
Despite the sorrows you've dealt with your hands,
Despite the lies and falseness of your kind,
Despite your calling Truth and Life disease,
Despite your hurting lambs and slaughtering them,
Despite your cankering all God's living trees,
Despite your cruel actions, sheep condemn,
Despite your calling crime a Christian Grace,
Despite your sanctions whereby saints denied,
Despite your shaming those who're pure of face,
Despite sin bloated soul that you've belied
I pray for you, that all will be revealed,
See Christ come in your soul, in Him be sealed.

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