Saturday, September 10, 2011

Whorish Acts: Babylon's Church

I wrote this after discovering that the revelations of Jessica Hahn against Jim Bakker during the 1987 press debacle were tainted with her past behaviors that indicated she was no innocent as she and the press conveniently painted her to be.

Did you accept with love or hate the Lord?
Does justice's retribution sync toward fame?
Were you complicit, actions gross, untoward,
Abusing those who're born in Jesus Name?
What made you to in anger punish Jim,
To get expenses for your "pain and grief?"
Or was it lying tongue engorged in sin,
Brought judgment's sword on him for your relief?
Forgiveness does forgive and it repents
Of hate-filled acts. Forgive? You do believe! 
Destroy the blood of Christ of those who're sent?
You harm the Bride, the church, branch of His Tree.
When we forgive our brother, Grace does come.
Light fills our soul when we embrace God's Son.

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