Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Vision Come to Pass

Beside the pool two lovers exchanged vows
As rivers flowed with crystal sunbeam's dance.
They spoke with words unheard, sweet, soft, profound,
That they, as One, would mankind's* world enhance.
And then, they vanished. This vision marked in Time
Appeared in other forms throughout the age:
At times a song, a flower sketched in rhymes,
A whirlwind's wave, salt seas, red clouds, stark rage.
But when love's fruit did ripen off One Tree
Whose heavenly branches sky winds shook and shamed,
Some branches broke to plummet full and free,
And yielded fruitful love by Christ ordained.
Love's vision came to pass from vows exchanged,
Two lives in Christ made One: their love, Christ's flame!

*mankind: also includes womankind. Sorry purists...I am not being chauvinistic...problem with  syllables. At some point I will be improve my poetic skills to accommodate.

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