Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Victory of Spiritual Life 4/3/1987

It's victory of Spiritual Life force flow,
Through cities*** I do claim for Christ the Lord.
And lands so wasted once by Hell's state, Rome,
I claim be green, sprout seedlings of His Word.
Abundant fruit filled life be manifest.
God's gardens grow to ever-present state.
He tastes His fare and shares with lambs who're pressed,
Then they overthrow all kingdoms built on hate.
Christ always lights His flames to torch the skies*,
So earth** below will cleansed and hopeful be.
He always does remove what He decries
So chosen children's eyes begin to see.
Oh, work Your Will my Father. Show this lamb
What is ordained in me of Your great plan.

*skies: metaphoric of mental states
**earth: ego reality
***cities:  people networks

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