Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've Seen Your Greatness, Lord (8/5/87)

I've seen your greatness, Lord, Your covering,
Which heals those in a filthy, mired bed.
I've seen the patience that Your Love does bring,
To inside out spin peace from dire dread.
Your work of Grace and Love so great it is,
To transform whores*, self-righteous and unclean.
You make them Living stones** with Holy kiss
And call forth Light and love from gifts unseen.
The dreams You give reveal your healing power
To cleanse the soul of filth and pestilence.
You burn the waste with holy, sacred fire,
Then seal completion. Judgment's recompensed.
And thus you did create with Godly seal
This vessel, Christ's perfection true and real.

*whores: carnal Christians who are not devout nor spiritual, but who live a defeated, rollercoaster life, walking  by sight, not by God's faith or power.

**Living stones:  Spiritual Christians who walk by faith and live by God's power and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  (During the Day of Pentecost-tongues of fire alighted on believers and they were anointed with God's power and the Gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit.)

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