Friday, September 9, 2011

False Spiritual Churches: Mystery Babylon (4/7/87)

Again, this was written during the spring of 1987, when the media was exposing church scandals and preachers unable to "live up" to the high standards of Christians, an irony. Of course, Christianity doesn't proclaim living up to pure standards; it acknowledges that the more we try, the more we fall and fail and the more we need redemption through Christ's blood to heal (salvation) and be cleansed of ways that are utterly harmful to our minds and souls.

I see two churches forming in the ranks.
One black, one white, one false, one True, Christ's Bride.
One looks so beautiful and gives God thanks.
One's powerful in influence far and wide.
One can't discern them both in temporal realm.
In Spirit one must measure, sound their being
Most cruel and pornographic, devil helmed,
The false. The True shines Light, His Lamp for seeing.
Distinguish through Spiritual gifts the Babylon Church
That's killed in "Jesus Name" and raged its wars.
That's masked itself as "Christian," though occult
Seduced, betrayed true Christians, God besmirched.
Of which do you belong? Accuse the Lord?
Or hope to understand His blood, His Word?

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