Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Christ's Might (4/3)

This was written during the time of the Jim Bakker (1987) scandal which had great ramifications on the church I had been attending because the church pastor Gene Profeta had been complicit with Jessica Hahn to "cover her back" in her attempt to solicit hush money from Bakker. I had been told "through the grapevine" that Hahn had kept motel receipts proving that the pastor had been with her; they had had an affair. She intended to go public with the receipts proving their affair (Many suspected this, but exposure would have hurt those faithful to that church.) unless he stood by her which he of course did. This was revealed by Richard Dortch (on the board of PTL at the time) who said that Profeta threatened them to give Hahn the money. At the point of this writing, I had no information; I discovered much later during the summer and into the fall.

My Father placed His spiritual might on me.
For mighty is my calling in His name.
As chosen, birthed, His seed of His True Tree,
To speak His word in Light, His Truth proclaim.
To those who'd make me nothing in this life,
Don't see the fiery star that burns inside,
This temple, Holy visioned, Christ's true wife,
With universal power, His holy bride.
I'm bone of His. I'm flesh of the I am.
My temporal self consumed by Living Light
Of Christ. One in His flock of sacred lambs,
Who with Him sit and rule and reign and fight.
His understanding, knowledge fires my mind,
To seek with patient love those of my kind.

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