Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let Freedom Ring

Our country's liberty bell in Philadelphia is cracked. Would it be whole again; would our spiritual freedom be realized.

May all of us uplift the freedoms we do have in the US. May we have the courage and power to fight for the freedoms/rights others globally are attempting to usurp (all the industrial complexes-food, political, medical, media, military, security, and those who engender them to lie, cheat and steal, screwing over the American public financially and psychically, keeping them oppressed). May the country be awakened to truth spiritually (not religious dogma and political religious dogma which is a lie perpetrated by the power elites).  Liberty must be fought for daily with one's eyes open. Let's wake up!

Who shall be free is more than just a phrase
Proposed by wealthy to unite their cause
And revolutions organized to praise
Quaint leaders, make us think and give us pause.
For some the free "have nothing left to lose,"
For them, then, freedom has no worth or price.
For others freedom's something that they choose
Renouncing all they own in sacrifice.
A paradox, my freedom's chosen; yet,
I had no choice; had nothing left to lose
But priceless I knew freedom's value set;
Did not disdain what I did freely use.
My spiritual freedom's paid with Christ's dear blood.
Receiving Grace, I'm bathed in Freedom's flood.

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