Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dynamic Relationships

Jonathan Pryce as Davies and Alan Cox as Aston in The Caretaker currently at BAM
 Viewing the power struggle between individuals in The Caretaker was revelatory. Egos were the problem; humanity the potential cure. The inability to touch another's soul the devastation. How does one connect? Through compassion, through empathy, through the Spirit. But before that is possible, one has to be in the Spirit and to do that is impossible if one is flesh, ego, pride. Only with God is such compassion and empathy possible. Pinter revealed the emptiness and loneliness of humanity in crystal clear dialogue that the wonderful Spirit and humanity of the actors brought to life in the production. There was no perceived answer for humanity's abyss, no cure. Faith can bring the cure, but it is impossible without the electricity of Spirit  to convey the truth. A beginning might be Psalm 23rd and prayer.

When egos step between our soul and mind
When consciousness does sleep, is unaware
That we manipulate our past unkind
To get through tribulations so unfair.
When others drag us through their cruelties
And make us bow to their warped childhood blights
And wipe their dross on us like we're debris
And trash to dump in pits to fire their sight.
Then call upon the Lord and pray for strength,
And vision to untangle any web
That's bound you up. With Him you then can rent
The chains that would to slave your soul and ebb
His Grace. So seek His Joy, His peace, His Light.
Destroy all bindings with His loving Might. 


Outsideofacat said...

There's a meaning-changing typo at the end of your fourth line from the bottom. Surely you mean "rend," not "rent." :)

Carole Di Tosti said...

No, rent is absolutely correct. It is from the King James Version of the Bible. When Jesus died, the separation between heaven and earth ended. The veil/curtain/His flesh was rent and God was able through His son to dwell via His spirit in man and have fellowship with man through Jesus. So rent is perfect. I use rent to imply the verse in Matthew 27, 50-51... which says, "the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom" It is what happened when Jesus yielded up the ghost. ;-) Rent...not rend, meaning break, cut, like Jesus' sacrifice broke the bonds that were separating man from God.

Outsideofacat said...

Grammatically speaking this line still is an odd construction. IMHO, the reference to the rent curtains in the temple etc is very clear, even if you used the present tense which is called for here, grammatically. :)

Christ Is My Passion said...

Good sonnet! Love it!

Carole Di Tosti said...

Actually, it's present conditional which I use and which is correct. It's not a FACT. It's up to the individual to do what needs to be done...and that is conditional, based upon the individual's soul state. ;-) So once again, thanks for the suggestion, but it is not a choice I would make and certainly not one based upon your reasoning. But appreciated nonetheless. You started thinking it was a typo, then went to grammatical that is a step in the right direction. Eventually, the chains will be broken and the veil will be rent. THAT IS THE PLACE TO BE IN SPIRIT.