Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mockers Before Christ's Redemption: Must We Suffer Them? 5/19/87

 On my journey through religion's byways, and scandals in 1987 at the Full Gospel Tabernacle and other churches I attended, I encountered a motley group of individuals and was forced by the Lord to discern after the Spirit, not after the flesh, which, of course, deceived. There were those in church who apparently "loved" the Lord, but also mocked His truth and commandments with their behavior. Could I judge a righteous judgment against the church, the "believer"? The scripture says I can. Did I? I was mocked and not understood, walking after the Spirit, a Christ representative. I wrote this sonnet to cope. And eventually, the Lord led me onto another unexpected path.

Oh Lord, the scorners, mockers always there
Who would upend Your loving, generous self.
As such their darkness would my soul to wear
So they could justify their evil's stealth.
Do not receive your Being, and ignore
The coming of Your light to help their cause.
Such haughty, errant crassness won't repent.
Instead they'd mock the Lord and Calvary's cross.
As they feel nothing is their worth in life
Know not He is their source, He is their light.
They choose to cause self-torment, no respite
From inner turmoil, hate and inner strife.
Oh Father fuse their souls with thy Love's heart,
And separate them from the Dark One's arts.


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