Saturday, November 12, 2011

God vs. Satan: Two Sides of One Being for Mercy's Sake

Would I have known the extreme goodness of God's mercy if I had not known the extreme terror and pain of selfishness commensurate with an unregenerate soul? Would I have known grace if I had not wallowed in a sty of "lust of the eyes," "lust of the flesh," "the pride of life?" Would I have known the power of humility if I had not known the fear underlying an arrogant and boastful heart?  I think not.

Evil serves goodness. Remember, where sin abounds, grace abounds more. That is scripture. What that means is, there is more grace in NYC (often called sin city) than in the cities of "righteousness" out west. Remember, Christ said it would be better for those of Sodom than for those of Capernum who denied the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit reveal what that means.

The man who exalts himself above the Lord,
Thinks that his will is uncontrolled and free.
But he is background noise, cacaphonous chords
That Satan strikes on lyres for all to see.
Such man's convinced decisions are his own,
Convinced his thoughts are his as are his friends.
His mind so vapid not know the unknown
That he's strung-up, a puppet for Satan's ends.
Before the Lord brings Light, Sins' slaves we toil
As slaves of Satan chained and bondaged, bound.
At God's appointing we see we're despoiled
But God's ordained such torment 'til we're found.
So understand, our life is not our own.
His opposite sides imbue His merciful throne.


Christian Discernment Moms said...

Thanks for your great thoughts! I am very thankful for God's grace!

Carole Di Tosti said...

Your welcome. Without God I wouldn't be here. I would have probably, at some point, taken my own life. His Grace, for me, is beyond expression. That's why I write sonnets. It's the best I can do. Anyway, keep up with your blogging. You never know whom The Lord will bring to your site. Also, we probably should join each other's blogs in a blog swap and trade, then write and share posts. Let me know what you think.