Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Breaking Through

When does an individual become his or her own person? Sometimes, never. It may take a village to raise a child, but the child must then strike out on their own and make the world a better place for others. To realize your place in the purpose and scheme of the fabric of life requires constant submission to the divine. It also requires complete trust in what you may not even understand is present or real (God). So the journey is a long one, but there are vibrant illuminating beacons. You are never in the darkness for very long. And when the light is particularly bright, then you do see your condition and the state of your life. Then is the moment of decision. Is it possible to be uniquely free to find your passion that is divinely inspired? What do you have to sacrifice to achieve it? Ego? Lies? Bondages? Faith in Christ can be the way toward freedom. And the price has already been paid.
The culture shapes and pulls us to its will.
Parents, teachers, pals do tie our souls.
And as we're buffeted by these queer ills
Our selves in tangled images unfold.
We question who we are and what we'd be
Propelled to think their thoughts they hold us in
The lies like walls occlude what we would see
We're caught. True thought then never does begin.
It takes a lifetime to cut soulish ties
Be light filled, free from bondages of man
It takes great strength to try and try and try
Promote our independent soul to stand.
And only through Christ's help can we break free
From cultural patterns to uniquely be.

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Mary Sayler said...

Your sonnet reminds me how so many Christians had a bad experience in church or just didn't feel at home in their parents' church so drop away. My hope and prayer is for us to get to know more about each denomination by researching and seeing how we usually have the same basic beliefs, then looking for a church home that does fit! May God bless this search and bring us all back to the church in one of its many parts! And God bless your good work.

Carole Di Tosti said...

Mary, well said. It has happened to me. I still haven't found the right fit yet and praying about it. Visiting various churches, though which is a good experience. My friends who moved recently to NC, did find the right fit there. It is the Lord's doing. I am so happy for them. When I visit, I will go to church with them. Sounds awesome. Thanks for your blessings and keeping the faith and prayer going for this. Thanks for your support, Mary.