Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm Loved By Him! (Christ, the Lord) 1/7/87

 I wrote this sonnet at one of the most abysmal times in my life. I was going to the church where Jessica Hahn had attended, The Full Gospel Tabernacle. I had left the choir and had felt that it was not the time to leave, yet. I didn't know what scandal would erupt in three months, but I knew that various members of the church, especially the pastor were in trouble in their walk with Christ and felt I had little in common with them, not because of my education and professional background, but because I was at a completely different spiritual level than they were. I am not bragging when I say this. My appearance belied who I was in Christ. If one didn't discern me after the Spirit of the Lord, the person or persons would be completely mislead by their sight. As much as was possible, I walked by faith and not by sight and I listened, followed and discerned after Christ's spirit. And that is one of the points of Christ's kingdom, a message that is eternal. One must discern after the Spirit to see the things of the Spirit, infused with Christ and his sacrifice of love. If one looks "in the natural," the carnal realm, one will miss the kingdom and Him completely. Believe me, I'm still learning. In any case, the sonnet was written out of my soul need as an encouragement to me in a very dark hour. As I read it years later, it still lifts me and I hope, it lifts you, even if you don't know Christ. And if you were drawn here, not knowing Him, just plug your name in place of the "I," and "I'm." Because the same applies to you as well.

I'm loved by Him! I'm loved! He worships me!
For I'm in Christ in whom He trusts, is pleased,
His friend to sword the Dark, bring Light, to see,
His farmer who plows ground and dungs His trees,
His Lamb that's slain so others resurrect,
His sheep matured who gives His covering,
His Word of power that works His full effect,
To break the veil of sorrow, and Joy bring.
I'm all to Him, a flame of ministering fire,
A glorious reigning wind, a flowering field,
The seed, life-bearing, sweet with His desire,
A child of age and time in Wisdom sealed.
I'm One with Him, His body and He's mine,
A fulfilled plan of infinitely pure design.

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